Sunday, January 17, 2010

Irrationalist Frequencies

Irrationalist Frequencies are violent, crushing audial waves and tones that will temporarily transform sentient listeners into unthinking, instinctive beings that exhibit insane behavior yet often possess predatory cunning equivalent to their normal intelligence. These frequencies must be extremely loud to have any effect and are usually generated by machines custom built for the purpose by chaotic technocrats, scientists and sorcerers.

Although Irrationalist Frequencies may have been developed as a sonic weapon by the Ancients, some Men, especially those of chaotic inclinations, revel in the mindless state induced by these sounds and will attend secret gathering in order to expose themselves to them. Some even become addicted to Irrationalist Frequencies and many avant-garde artists secretly rely on the state induced by these frequencies to produce their bizarre creations.

Special Note: Inspired by and intended as a tribute to The Rita and Leigh Brackett.


  1. There's a reason the dial goes up to eleven !
    -- Malacoustix the Mad Mage

  2. Yes, and the dial is shiny and pretty too~!

  3. The Blen Geck Waves are especially harsh this time of year.

  4. So what does it sound like? It kind of reminded me of the Monolith from 2001. Or maybe it's not "voices" and more synthesized?

  5. @Jay: It sounds like Merzbow, Slogun and The Rita. Harsh Noise.