Wednesday, April 7, 2010

War Chimps, The Tower of the Changer, Talislanta Monsters, Destiers and The Wasplingier Guild

New official Planet Algol monster War Chimps! courtesy of Green Skeleton Gaming Guild!

Planet Algol related dungeon The Tower of the Changer! of The Metal Earth! Can you guess where the gates to Carcosa and Athanor are?

So a bunch of free, legitimate PDFs are up on the Talislanta Site. Including the Monster Books, and although one could ad-lib the D&D stats from the Talislanta stats, you can also easily eyeball/convert D&D stats from the 3rd edition statblocks in this version!

So this means that there's a boat-load of great, free, weird D&D monsters from a classic weird fantasy setting available for all of our crazy weird science planet fantasy campaigns!


At first glance those that utilize a Destier could easily be mistaken for a centaur with the equine portion of their anatomy clad in advanced, heavy, articulated plate armor. Closer examination would reveal that the horse part of the body is actually robotic, which may lead one to the misapprehension that they are observing some variety of cyborg.

In actuality the quadrupedal robot section is a specialized mode of conveyance, consisting of a heavily armored mechanism in the form of a heavy war horse, but instead of there being a neck or head there is instead a cavity designed to accommodate the legs and below-waist body of a human-like being. The legs of the user operate as a set of waldoes that maneuver the legs of the Destier, allowing one to, with sufficient practice, "drive" the Destier about as if it were a mount.

Destiers have the capabilities of a heavy war mount, with the speed and agility of a light mount, and are powered by Radiation Crystals. They are a creation of the Ancients, and are quite rare, with all known examples being valued heirlooms of certain Armiger houses (especially those of the highest standings). Such Armigers use their Destiers in important battles, usually to devastating effect.

The Wasplingier Guild

A mercenary guild of extreme specialization, the Wasplingiers breed a cornucopia of especially venomous and aggressive wasps (with rare eccentrics instead utilizing bees!). From these wasps they extract and refine certain pheromones.

Wasplingiers are distinct by their unusual weapon, the Wasp Rifle. This gun has a long, thin barrel and the stock consists of a brass air chamber, with an attached pump, and there is also an under-barrel device that consists of a pointed, finned canister mounted on a heavy, compressed spring.

The air rifle is used to fire a small pellet, which is breech loaded, that contains concentrated wasp attack pheromones. The under-barrel aerodynamic canister is than launched, propelled by the heavy spring, and shatters upon impact with any moderately firm surface releasing it's tightly packed payload of especially venomous wasps, which have been conditioned to attack those bearing the attack pheromones.

Wasplingiers have also been known to utilize catapults to launch missiles containing pheromones, wasps, or both. There are rumors that their guild also the knowledge to manufacture a compound that will, if introduced into water or food, "mark" the consumer of such water or food with wasp attack pheromones.


  1. War Chimps! Absolutely fantastic!

  2. I totally dig the destier. Neato idea.

  3. Wasplingiers - excellent, love the idea of totally bizarre specialized mercenary guilds