Wednesday, April 14, 2010

EXQUISITE CORPSES Now on Sale...Or A Free PDF!!?!?1

"...Damn, look at that, Crabman is hard on the ladies. I wonder if he's taking that one off to another part of their nightmare cave to make some lady nuggets..."
Stefan Poag's Hotly Anticipated Random Monster Generator Tool EXQUISITE CORPSES Now Available for $10 (dead tree version) or as a (temporarily) Free PDF!

Fuck yeah, Slugbats...Mind Flayers...Crabman boners! A great toolkit for DM creativity! Lots of fun gonzo artwork to goof off with! And that madman Stefan is temporarily offering it as a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD, what a fucking class-act this guy is!

As an aside, I've been doing almost NO WORK on the Planet Algol booklet. I though I was in the "finalizing" stage of this thing months ago, but than I kept on getting sidetracked. "Ohh...the encounter table section needs a robust, wide NPC generation system! Dang, the robust, detailed NPC Generation System is dependent upon completing the Magic Item and Technolgical Item section!" ..and so forth. I call this "The Hydra," as in that for every one section that I think I've finished two more sections demand to be designed! At the turn of the New Year I WAS READY TO PUBLISH THIS THING IN A MATTER OF WEEKS and than I keep on getting distracted by side-tracks and months later I'm out of steam.

I'm seriously considering abandoning my quixotic attempt at a "90% Perfect Sandbox Setting & Science Fantasy Resource," compiling what I have, giving it a once over spit-and-polish, throwing in some dungeons and cranking it out.

I do have all sorts of goofy Planet Algol-related ideas percolating, but I think we'll all be served better by me holding off on such things until I get the first booklet finished and published. There's no need to hold off on "Planet Algol 1 - The Iridium Plateau" due to me banging away at including comprehensive science fantasy basket-weaving rules....

Anyways, what I have been up to lately is listening to records. Here's a random table:

d12 What Blair Has Been Listening To Lately Random Table
1- The Plasmatics - Beyond the Valley of 1984
2- Kerasphorus - Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn
3- Nifelheim - Servants of Darkness
4- Inepsy - City Weapons
5- Procreation - Rebirth Into Evil
6- Katastrofialue - Tuskatakuu '94-'98
7- Nausea - The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol.2
8- Detonize - Rat Dogs of War
9- Witchchrist - Curses of Annihilation
10- Martire - 12" EP
11-12 - Some kick-ass seventies soft rock on the radio...Summer Breeze!!1


  1. nice list of tunes.
    I'm not as much of a fan of "City Weapons" as I am of RnR Babylon, but both smoke. "Street City Kids" is my anthem!

  2. Exquisite Corpses looks great, it's definately on my buy list.
    As to,"...throwing in some dungeons and cranking it out."
    I vote Heck Yeah!

  3. Thanks for pimping my book, Algol! I'm also troubled by 'analysis paralysis' in regards to taking FOREVER to get anything done. A few weeks ago I was still waffling about the Exquisite Corpses thing --- some of the drawings of the creatures were kind of lame but I realized that if I didn't just push it out the door then it might never happen.
    Patton used to say, "A bad plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow."

  4. @ JJ: Sadly enough I haven't heard R'N'R Babylon. I did forget to include Finnish D-Thrash Katastrofialue "Tuskatakuu '94-'98"

    @ BB: Thanks for the feedback, working on dungeons now!

    @ Limpley: Ditto for the helpful feedback! I absolutely love Exquisite Corpses BTW.

  5. Well, that's just genius. Thanks for the pointer!

  6. Blair, RnR Babylon is a MUST-HEAR for sure. City Weapons is like RnR Part II, only without the killer harmonica part in "We Are Here to Climb". "Street City Kids" might be one of my top 20 favorite punk songs ever:

  7. I think your idea of compiling and publishing what you've got is a good idea. If what I've already seen is an indicator, the Iridium Plateau is going to be an awesome supplement.

    You could continue battling the Hydra and include the complete random generator section in Vol. 2...

  8. I can't wait to see Planet Algol published, so please keep on! Greetings from Italy aka the Banana Republic

  9. Definitely publish now. There is always possibility for supplements, and the industry standard "revised", followed by 2nd edition, et al ;)

    There's a phrase used in software development "release early, release often". It's (partially) about getting your stuff out there and getting feed back on it ASAP cause an ounce of feedback is worth a pound of design. I think it applies here as well.

  10. I've got Rock'n'Roll Babylon on the pod Blair, if you need some skull busting tunes next Algol session.