Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Elder Races

The Elder Races were various powerful, inhuman races that range from hundreds of millions to billions of years old; almost all of alien or extradimensional origin. Their civilizations sprawled across Algol in prehuman times. The reason for their decline is unknown. Nowadays there are only a few scattered populations of the Elder Races on Algol, hidden in remote or inhospitable regions.

The Elder Races may be responsible for many of the bizarre anomalies of Planet Algol, by virtue of their puissant sorcery and science they were capable of warping the planet to suit their inhuman whims.

Their abilities with technology and magic were far more powerful than anything achieved by man; although survivors of the Elder Races may seem to be gods compared to men, they are only the wretched, degenerate descendants of the true Elder Races who only possess scraps of their unthinkable knowledge and might.

Known examples of the Elder Races include:
  • Grey Martians
  • Gug
  • Hluss
  • Mi-go
  • Mind Flayers
  • Primordial Ones
  • Serpent Men
  • Slaad
  • Ssu
  • Yithians


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  2. @ Fat Cotton: Read China Mievilles "Perdido Street Station" or "The Iron Council" and consider the Weavers to get an idea of what the Algol Slaad are all about.

    @ Regis: Thanks for the heads up, I'll check your music out. I do love the funny colored nymphs draped around your pictures, very Planet Algol-esque