Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tothet and Zaixul

Tothet - Custodian of the Celestial Vault
Depicted as a column of silvery light with a single fiery eye; in Lawful theology Tothet is credited with casting the Great Old Ones out of the physical universe and into the Outer Dark at the dawn of time. Tothet embodies the rational universe; it's physical laws; and it's structural integrity and is the patron of astronomers and physicists. Tothet is symbolized by a blazing, burning sword.

Zaixul - Whisperer of Cunning, Treachery and Upheaval
The patron of plots and traitors, Zaixul works to destroy legitimate authority and civilization. Legends speak of it tearing down Lawful societies by inducing multiple complex, craven betrayals; eventually inducing violent, chaotic upheavals that devolve cultures into nihlistic, destructive mockeries of their former civilization. Zaixul is depicted as lurking in the shadows, a dusty, thin indistinct figure shrouded in gauzy grey tatters.


  1. Love it. I like deities with a lot of character. makes it easier for Clerics and DMs alike.


  2. Cool. I particularly like Zaixul's depiction.

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