Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Tyrant - Darath Ymph

Blame Jack Vance and Encounter Critical...

Roughly twenty years ago he emerged from the wastes of the Greater Glow, followed by his henchmen and soldiers, and began a campaign to bring the Western Badlands under his iron heel.

Darath Ymph, The Deranged Tyrant, a strategic and tactical genius of great vanity who is the de facto ruler of the Western Badlands and who aims to conquer the known civilized lands and make himself Autarch.

Darath Ymph, a tall Hyperborean of patrician aspect and possessing an impressive black mustache, clad either in his sinister black war harness or in foppish finery of lilac, mauve, lavender, teal, and similar hues. Darath Ymph, a master of fencing who has no qualms personally slaying those who have displeased him with the red energy blade of his Phasic foil.

Served by his Vizir, the lich Sorcerer Gelgethea, and his fanatically devoted army: the reanimated Skeletroopers; the psychic slime warriors in their black exo-suits; his elite Andorian battleguard; and many others eccentric and fierce of aspect.

His throne is Skullstone Skyisland, which hovers miles above the Glow Pit, his servitors flying out in gleaming chrome skull-shaped sky vessels to do his bidding and enforce his will over the Western Badlands.

Located deep in the bowels of Skullstone Skyisland is a labyrinthine complex of tunnels and chambers, known as "The Proving Pits of the Deranged Tyrant," where those who seek the favor of Darath Ymph prove their mettle with blade, spell or stealth. These Proving Pits are said to have several connections to the pan-dimensional meta-dungeon "The Black Ziggurat."


  1. Awesome! For some reason I imagine all this imagery rendered in Ralph Bakshi-style lurid hues with a '70s metal soundtrack.

  2. I still can't put my finger on what it is that is unique about Vance's use of colours, but you're definitely working from the same palette with the foppish finery of Darath Ymph!

  3. Zardoz! I love the flying chrome skulls zipping out and about from the skyland. Fun stuff! I agree with Tom above: this just screams Ralph Bakshi and a metal soundtrack would be cool. I like this Tyrant Tueday idea...might have to considre it as I wrap-up the chakra-stuff this week...

  4. And I thought my stuff was gonzo - haha, excellent !

  5. Very evocative post, an excellent villain. Or antihero. Or role-model.

    I agree with the Bakshi and 70's metal vibe. Slap some old Black Sabbath on him and a rotoscope and you have an awesome picture.

  6. I'm getting Zardoz, Krull, hints of Beastmaster and Hawk the Slayer set to Tangerine Dream, early Yes and a hint of Manowar.


  7. Thanks! You guys are generally eerily spot on with what I was thinking about when Darath Ymph coagulated in my imagination: Bakshi, Vance, Zardoz, Krull and Manorwar; Beastmaster and Tangerine Dream in the general Algol sea of influences as well! Also Flash Gordon (movie & esp. Max Von Sydow as Ming), Encounter Critical and Star Wars.