Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Talos Tuesday

Credit to Gene Wolfe as the Talos is heavily inspired by the Talus of the Long Sun series.

# Encountered: 1
Armor Class: 0
Move: 9"
Hit Dice: 20
Attacks: machinegun 2-12 targets in a 10'x40' area for 4-16 damage with a range of 500' or 2 blows for 2-20
Special: can use flamethrower 3 times per day in a 40'x10' cone, inflicts 2-16 damage for 2 rounds, save vs. dragon breath for half damage, can use flamethrower in addition to machinegun or blows; has two missiles that inflicts 8-80 damage to all in a 30' blast, save vs. dragon breath for half, with a range of 1,000', cannot make any other attacks when firing a missile.; immune to sleep, charm, hold, cold, poison, paralysis, and mental effects; immune to fire, cold and electricity; can roll over slower or motionless targets for 4-40 damage.
Intelligence: Semi-low, dependent upon quality of positronics and programming
Alignment: Neutral
Size: Large
A Talos is a massive military automation composed of a the semblance of the upper body of a broad, fierce warrior with a monstrous tusked face; but below the waist it is a tracked carriage resembling an Earth tank, with the humanoid torso mounted where the turret would be. This mechanism stands 16' tall, and is composed of hardened bronze-colored alloys.
A Talos may strike with it's huge fists or giant weapons; or it may fire the twin machineguns located in it's eyes. They also have a flamethrower located in their mouth and each forearm holds a concealed launcher and one missile.


  1. I'm away from my GW books at the moment but I'm presuming Talus is from the fable with the boat headed demon in the labyrinthine islands...but this seems to have equal Voivod resonances!

    "Authentic Cave Scratchings"....What an excellent plot hook it would be for a party to find natural caves decorated with ancient pigment drawings of humanoids fighting these.

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  2. That's the first thing on Planet Algol I did not like. Maybe it's just me, but I think the setting is getting a little bit too goofy and cartoony...

  3. Best part is, if you don't like it as DM don't use it. Being the DM is the best.

    I really hope Baron Scrounger can keep a low enough profile that The Controller doesn't send out this big boy bad boy.

    Gotta gain some levels. Gotta gain some levels. Gotta gain some levels...

  4. @ Andrew: Wrong series, but you just gave me one hell of an idea... "Above the waterline it's a gunship...below the waterline it's Cthulhu..."

    @ Timeshadows: Thanks! With it's "inflated" stats you could use this bad boy pretty much as is for Gamma World/UWOM games.

    @ Anonymous: Thanks for the honest feedback. The ironic thing is that the Talos is pretty much a straight interpretation of a very non-gag element of Gene Wolfe's "Long Sun" series, which is a very serious, religious/metaphysical science fiction series. Although I did draw with with an unintentional uncanny facial resemblance to Chris Farley!
    I've said it before, but one of the goals with the Planet Algol material is "multiple interpretations" of the setting, you could run it as a serious Gene Wolfe/Tekumel style sword & sci-fi setting or you could run it as an ultra-gonzo Rientsian/.Encounter Critcal style farce.

    @ Sean: I dream of mass science fantasy battles...
    You need to read "The Citadel of the Autarch" by Gene Wolfe...and to reap some sweet, sweet treasure hauls...

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