Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Region Statistics - % Dinosaur & % Prehistoric

For example: The Blackened Wastes (Tropical Wilderness Desert, 25% Dinosaur, 35% Prehistoric); The Woolly Tundra (Subarctic Wilderness Plains, 75% Prehistoric); The Slithering Jungles (Tropical Civilized Jungle, 60% Dinosaur)

% Dinosaur and % Prehistoric refers to the percentage of random encounters (and presumably placed lairs) that consist of Dinosaurs (including pterodactyls, plesiosaurs, dimetrodons and the like) or "Prehistoric" encounters (such as mammoths, smilodons, cave men, axe beaks, hobbits, etc.) in the noted geographic area, with a roll being made on the appropriate tables for the composition of said encounter, such as the tables in the 1st Edition Dungeon Masters Guide.

This idea came up while brainstorming comprehensive modular encounter table methodology. Obviously other %s suggest themselves, such as % Robot, % Snake & % Supervillain.

EDIT: Of course I'm an idiot for not stating the obvious % Lovecraft...


  1. If the location says 40% Robot, 15% Snake, & 10% Supervillain, and I roll 37, 02, and 06, is that three separate encounters or a supervillainous robot snake?

  2. @ Johnstone: 01-40 Robot; 41-55 Snake;56-65 Supervillain; 66-00 Normal Encounter

    @ C'nor: I aim to break down that 100% Weird and properly quantify it! :)

  3. My tired brain read your post title as "Religion Statistics" and I spent a few good minutes boggling over what dinosaur/prehistoric religions would be.

  4. 25% encounter with dinosaur Supervillain!

  5. Don't think about that one too hard, Telecanter... or the whoreship of dinosaurs might come back from prohysteric times...

  6. How'bout:

    1 - 75 % TPK

    76 - 100 % No TPK

    Sooo oldskewl!

    Ho Ho Ho!

  7. % Lovecraft would be an additional modifier for any of the preceeding; hence "35% Dinosaur (5% Lovecraft)" would give you the percentage chance that any given dinosaur encountered may be squamous, polypous or be festooned with abundant facial feelers or tentacular growths. Lovecraftian entities would also have extra spells and unusual abilities relating to transits through, or unusual relationships with, time and space.

  8. ..."Prehistoric" encounters (such as mammoths, smilodons, cave men, axe beaks, hobbits, etc.)...

    Had a "Hobbits? LOLWUT?" moment until I recalled homo floresiensis. Nice one.

    % Dinosaur/Prehistoric/Lovecraft/Snake chances are a brilliant idea. One look and you can tell what the noteworthy creature type for an area is.

    Maybe broaden % Lovecraft to include encounters with any and all confused, displaced weird fantasy authors.

    % Poe
    "It just stands there, eyes staring dolefully at you from under its massive forehead."

  9. By the way - links in "The Other Planet Algol Campaign " section are dead - bite the bulette blog don't exist anymore :-(

  10. % Poe. I love that :D

  11. @ Johnstone, Needles & Huth: Apparently this thought experiment has uncovered a previously unnoticed glaring need for combination encounters that combine all of the different encounter elements into one creature...

    @ B.Portly: I think that comment was intended for the MAR Barker post? Regardless, AD&D Dinosaurs can very well be a recipe for a TPK! Sort of like much of King King...

    @ Omlet: I Refuse to believe! ;)

    @ C'Nor: You know, I don't think I've read any De Camp?...

  12. I'd say you should take a look at "The Purple Pterodactyls" (The collection, not just that story). I think that it could provide some interesting thoughts. I can't personally speak for any of his other books, as I haven;t read them, but they should also be good.

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