Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jewel Throne Update-ish Post and d10 Random Aristrocrat Possessions Table

I'm currently waiting on a couple of articles and pieces of art (all of which sound like they'll be great!) and than I'll commence with the layout. The quality and quantity of submitted material is considerable, including two adventures that are pretty much the equivalents of old-tyme TSR 16-page modules; it'll be at least 70 pages. It will be a free PDF, and I'll make sure and format a version meant to easily print out and assemble into a booklet.

This post is pretty boring, albeit possibly of some interest to some folks, so I really should include a random table.

d10 Random Aristocrat Possessions Table
1 - Ivory and platinum snuff box (contents d4: 1 - candy, 2- cigarillos, 3 - cocaine, 4 - cranberries)
2 - d20 x 1,000 gp worth of gamblings markers from other Aristocrats.
3 - +3 Stiletto, silver and sapphire hilt
4 - Folding mirror (minor magic item)
5 - Scandalous diary with many compromising details regarding both the author and associates.
6 - Outlawed Chaos-Demon Cult Unholy Symbol! (d4: 1 - Arioch, 2 - Belial, 3 - Cthulhu, 4 - Demogorgon)
7 - Either a fake mustache or fancy ladies undergarments (dependent upon gender of said aristocrat...)
8 - High tech communicator!?!?
9 - Vial of especially puissant poison
10 - A writ of "Get Out of Jail Free" from King/Emperor/Senate, negotiable by the bearer!


  1. Define boring Blair because this is an awesome table for someone's whose going to be having an urban adventure coming up with a bunch of thieves! Thanks!
    Dude your writing rocks & really makes Algol come alive. This fairly reeks of intoxicants & decadence. I can almost hear Hawkwind playing through the speakers! Thanks for the update on the Jeweled Throne!

  2. I dream about 50+ pages free pdf of random tables - I love random tables, this one too!
    Or maybe I should make one by myself? Nah, too easy :D

  3. Rolling twice for the snuff box can give you cool stuff.

    For example:
    Candied Cigarillos.

  4. Maaaan I can't wait for the Jewel Throne zine!! I'm that excited about it..!

  5. Hey Blair check this out!The concept for this game is pretty simple: The Empire of The Petal Throne universe before the planet got sucked into the space time rift thingy. This is a bare bones beta test rule system but its perfect for what it does! This is a labor of love really & check out the Saturday night specials! Awesome. Hit the word down load & bask in the sci fictional goodness.

  6. I'm making a list of "old schoolish" (however you want to define that) zines here:

    I've added The Jewel Throne to the list in anticipation of this first issue. It sounds like it's going to pretty damn good!

    @Omlet: The Order of the d30 Book of Tables is currently being compiled. Maybe that would fit the bill? Check this out:

  7. Great table Blair, I especially like the gambling markers, nice idea.

  8. I think people value things they pay for more than they value things that are free. So I'd recommend charging a nominal fee rather than giving it away.

    Plus if you dump it on Lulu or rpgnow, they can take care of printing for people who like print copies.

  9. @ Needles: Thanks, I glad it will be useful! I am all about Humanspace Empires and am chuffed that it has been released, I love the Saturday Night Specials!

    @ Omlet: You should make one and sell it on the internet!

    @ C'nor: and Cocaine - Cocaine! Crack? Candied Cigarillos do exist in my campaign..

    @ Migellitio: I think that's the Cocaine - Cocaine...

    @ Matthew: Thanks! :)

    @ Geordie Racer: Thanks! I really dig your d7 Aristocrat table!

    @ Pat: That is true and I have been considering it, but with the contributors volunteering their content I would rather any proceeds go to a charity. Does rpgnow do orthodox digest size of 5.5" x 8.5"?

  10. Lightning Source does, and they're who rpgnow uses - so I'd guess yes but I'm not 100% positive. It's perfect bound rather than stapled.