Wednesday, March 2, 2011

d20 Random Iron Rations Table

1-10 - See previous entry
11 - Salt-cured blubber
12 - Charred pigeon scraps
13 - Pressed earthworm cake
14 - Giant leech bacon
15 - Candied eel
16 - Dried melon
17 - Deep fried swamp lice
18 - Spice-cured manure shrimp
19 - Dry camel ham
20 - Swine-lung pasty


  1. Sounds delicious. ;)

    But you missed one: A tin of marmite. ;D

  2. Yeah!
    Candied eel sounds really great :D

  3. Yeah, it's a Kzin delicacy. Goes really well with salmon and vanilla ice cream (which is actually quite good).

  4. @ Logan: I've come to like marmite...

    @ Omlet & C'nor: I just knew someone would like it, I'm pretty sure such a gastronomical beast exists in real life.

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