Wednesday, March 2, 2011

d10 Random Iron Ration Table

1 - Rat jerky
2 - Lamprey pemmican
3 - Smoked sausage (dog)
4 - Sun-cured gull eggs
5 - Dessicated beet slices
6 - Mashed locust wafers
7 - Hard cheese and an onion wedge
8 - Shredded dried carp
9 - Bush tucker (monkey, recognizable)
10 - Pickled frog preserved in grease

EDIT: written on and posted from my phone on my lunch break; I'll have to respond to your comments on my previous post when I get home later today.


  1. Great, but little too short (d20 would be better, but it's only my opinion - i *love* big tables).
    What do you think about the table of quality of the rations - and don't forget about potential "inhabitants" of the poor quality rations :D

  2. This article made my evening and provoked me into googleing iron rations. From what I can find they sound a lot tastier than your randomiser versions.

    Is there perhaps a Cut my Own Throat Dibbler type character who goes around the dungeon clearing up the dead monsters and preparing tasty iron rations with the body parts? There will be...

  3. Dig this, I may change the jerky to Blink Dog, as that's currently what my players are eating.

  4. Written on your lunch break, eh? My god, what were you eating?!?

  5. Hmm. Changes things a bit when you read this as "Lamprey Pelican" and "Smoking Sausage".

  6. I can smell the lamprey pemmican from here!

  7. @ Omlet: Obviously d20, d30 and even d% are preferable!

    @ Tony: Awesome!

    @ JJ: Much like organic, Lawful Good meat tastes better...

    @ Brink: Merchants Meal - Common 12 sp, the lamb was tough...

    @ C'Nor: Whoahuh?! A Lamprey Pelican sounds like an awesome monster!

    @ Biopunk: I think the lamprey pemmican concept has legs!