Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Pluton Zone

The Pluton Zone is a sandbox setting for "Space D&Ds" that I'm toying with; the primary inspirations are space-feudalism, Jack Vance, Dune and Flash Gordon.  What follows are my rough initial notes; obviously the names need a lot more polish, and I haven't even touched upon the varied idiosyncratic space-aristocrats, The System Barons!


Located between the Esatern limb of the Feudal Sectors and the Arallu Void this region is suffused with dark gases and dust, the remnants of several systems destroyed in antediluvian aeons. Many of the stars are lurid purples or reds in hue. The initial Stellar Explorers who surveyed the Pluton Zone discovered several indigenous Human societies.

Primary Systems

ARASH - dim, small, white star.

ARASH-VUGL - large, metal-poor, cool, foggy, rainy, planet of dismal oily gray fens and bogs inhabited by oversize invertebrates. Their are rich deposits of petroleum in the muddy crust of of Arash-Vugl, House Akand operates drilling rig colonies.

EREBUS - trade hub, capital, where the system barons meet, neutral ground; local laws prohibit firearms, energy weapons and armor in common regions; sulphurous cloudy, windy, boulder ridden ochre and rust wastes; cold, dry; some mines.

KARCERY – prison world, produces soldier-sorcerer-fanatics

KOROS-ZON - ultraviolet desert; valuable minerals

KRAS – bloated, pale, dim yellow star

KRAS-MOLOKT - cold plateaus with foggy fungal hell jungle pits between

LABROS - amazons; steppes; shaggy titanic beasts

LYOTAN - dim ocean world; drifting vegetation mat-islands

PRIOTHERIA - endless scathing cold winds and broken red mountains; rubble


  1. Sounds like a great idea. I look forward to seeing more.

  2. I like, Jack Vance, Dune and Flash Gordon are all fine reference points.

  3. Sounds like a good base for some strange sci-fi adventures. Will it be mixed with the Humanspace Empires - Carcosa idea?
    Would be a cool background for this!

  4. Thanks guys!

    @ Logan:It could, but with the humanocentrism and Vancian flavor, I'm imagining it sans "space cthulhus"