Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[Mailorder Related] Hail to Finland!

I'm not sure why, but every time I order a print product from Lamentations of the Flame Princess not only does it consistently arrive sooner than orders I make from vendors located in the United States, but the shipping charges do not leave me feeling like I have been gang-violated with broken glass (*cough* Lulu... *cough*); chalk one up for socialism? ;)

Obviously James needs to start stocking a larger variety of dead tree OSR products, as the combination of convenience (as in it's convenient to get the damn book in my hand AS SOON AS POSSIBLE) and reasonable shipping costs makes ordering from an frozen boondock on the opposite side of the world a no-brainer.

So here's a tribute to Finland & Metal:


  1. Good music :D
    I like some finnish metal bands, but it's too bad that many of its members are nazi scum (which completely disqualify a band for me)...
    About some slightly-finland-related paranoia - It's rather strange, but it's cheaper for me to go to Helsinki to drink some beer than go to Cracow, Poland (590km) by a train... Something is rather fucked up, don't you think?

  2. Lulu is reasonable if you use a "sale code". This is usually 20% off. For my last order this covered most of the shipping cost. They ALWAYS have a sale on - you can check out the most current codes here:

    Note: You have to click a button to view the codes. Clicking shows the current codes and also creates a Lulu window.

  3. When it comes to Finland, they are also the kings of underrated bizarre 90's death metal-Demilich, Xysma and Demigod are some of the best of the genre. Demilich's music in particular seems like it could be found on a wax cylinder deep in the bowels of a dungeon on the Iridium plateau.

  4. Yay, demilich! Lots of Finnish bands seem RPG-inspired, actually. Keep of Kalessin just wrote an entire album about fucking dragons, for christ's sake!

  5. Keep of Kalessin is a band from Norway :-)

  6. argh! so they are...guess that's what I get for posting before my coffee.

    Fine then: Moonsorrow seem like a bunch of likely LARPers. Actually, a lot of the folkies do.

  7. Demilich, Demigod, Funebre....all fucking great finnish DM bands....shit, there was that new band too, that has a split with coffins...can't be arsed to look.

    Beherit is the best though.
    As far as racist bands, if you like metal music, or punk music, or whatever, unfortunately listening to bands with dumb shit to say is a necessary evil.

  8. @ Albert: Are you talking about that Satanic Warmaster scene? I'm not aware of any other such halfheads from Finland. In the nineties I got the impression that the Polish metal scene was rife with nazi scum?

    Helsinki seems like a pretty fun town, I'd think it would be a better place to visit than Krakow?

    @ B. Portly: Yeah, I've used them before, but the $7 shipping per item is just killing me, esp. when I want to buy magazines and modules.

    @ Andrew: I never heard Xysma, but I did dig the Demilich and Demigod I heard, I should check them out again.

    @ Iron Goat & Omlet: I'm sure Kalessin is a Finnish word, perhaps the source of the confusion?

    What happened to JJ's comment?

  9. @ JJ: Are you you thinking of Wormphlegm or W.A.I.L.S. or Slugathor?

    Beherit is the best, The Oath of Black Blood makes me want to punch myself in the face, I need to get a Miami Bass Van and blast that shit!

    Racists/nazi types aren't restricted to punk or metal, Jerry Lee Lewis and Ace of Base come to mind...

  10. Satanic warmaster, clandestine blaze...
    Yeah, Polish scene is full of shit - it's really difficult to find a band which members are / were not involved in such idiocy...
    Krakow is a beautiful place, but at the moment I'll prefer Helsinki :D

  11. Re: Xysma-

    Go for Swarming Of The Maggots demo or Fata Morgana EP, don't bother with the later rockier albums.