Monday, March 7, 2011

[PSA] Please Don't Nuke Your Blog! & d10 Romantic Misadventures Table

Fellow-Blogger and/or Internet-Acquaintance,

I've been reading your blog for a while, and recently when I clicked my bookmark for it and I recieved the blogspot 404 orange-beige-and-blue staring me right in the eyes. Needless to say I was confused; did I click the wrong bookmark? Did China hack blogspot? Oh wait... I've seen this before... Far too many times...

Hey, I get it, blogging is kind of a geeky, masturbatory time-suck. And BlasTeR_WvlF1986 has been really grinding and sniping at you on both the BullseyeLantern and the ZagygTemple messageboards. But, aside from the fact that I liked reading your blog, there's this one thing...

That Shoggoth Generation table; it was a piece of art! I could get everything from a member of the Cleanup Crew to a Mr. Shiny to a Blob-Kaiju using it. I really need that Shoggoth Generation table for this dungeon level I'm working on...I made the map with your table in mind!

Plus there's also that Uppity NPC Table, and Random Minor PC Humiliations Matrix, and your stats for The Headless Horseman, and that Bowels of the Worm God dungeon, and...

...Anyways, if you want to take a sabbatical or retire from blogging, that's certainly your prerogative, but please don't euthanize all of that useful content you produced! I'm sure you could easily erase the fingerprints and serial numbers off of your blog and leave the corpse floating in the internet for us scavengers to pick at. Your so graciously freely-shared creative output was appreciated, greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Joe-Sky Tax,

d10 Random "Romantic" Misadventures Table
1 - Birthmark reveals that she/he is your sister/brother!
2 - You're unable to perform and cruelly mocked for that by paramour.
3 - Premature. Way too premature. As above.
4 - Overprotective relative bursts in, menacing wackiness ensues!
5 - Everything seems fine...for 1d20 days. Better see a physician to irrigate your urethra with sulphur and quicksilver!
6 - Oh wait, afterwards it appears that she/he was expecting financial recompense for making the beast with two backs with you,
7 - She/he seemed normal, but now wants something illegal before they will "party."
8 - Turns out she/he was a serial killer (or bounty hunter)... d12 for assassin level!
9 - She/he was the princess/prince in disguise; not a fairy-tale, the consequences if the wrong party learns of this could be potentially lethal.
10 - Was a virgin; 01-50% - it is Really Really Awkward, and they seem distraught afterwards, 51-00% unleashes some inconvenient or catastrophic curse, transformation or prophecy...she/he was THE ONE!


  1. Precisely. Now random tables from in example Romance Monsoon are dead.
    Maybe it's right time to revise my "I'll write it down... but tomorrow" policy.

  2. Hear hear, agreed! Maybe I'll give a try to index the non-active blogs too...

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  4. Has anyone seen that "Scroll of Summon Blogger"?

  5. Yeah, I already used it on Chgowiz... we need a stash of them it seems.

  6. This is why I save files to my hard drive all the time. I'm on a Mac, and I have a 1 GB database of stuff saved from RPG blogs in DEVONThinkPersonal. I either print blog posts to PDF or save them as webarchives and then import them. I'm not saying I'm saving everything I come across, but there's a lot of cool stuff I'd love to compile in a Word document or PDF file for later use (attributed, of course--I pretty much am saving snapshots of pages).

  7. Geordie too? And Stormcrow?!? Fuck!

  8. Yes, always have a folder marked HTML and download everything as web page, complete (if on a WinBox). You will thank yourself later. I'm in the process of bringing all my pages together on an old Dell and it will become my permanent library. All my ebooks, like from Gutenberg, go there too.



    Looks like it time for me to man up and start archiving the blog content that tickles my fancies.

  10. sorry, blog is preserved in aspic here: