Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Legend of Kronh the Hunter Part II

The cold fluffy water has stopped dropping from the sky and the strange two headed woman claims that it made the water stop; our chieftain is pressed and invites the two headed woman to join our band.

We set out north seeking the missing hunters and soon see a bright shining reflection suspended in vegetation ahead of us; KRONH and one of the other hunting men boldly stride forward to investigate.

The shining form is a man wrapped in shining bulky skins that resemble light shining off of the lake or parts of KRONH's fire-stick, a hunter from a strange tribe!

KRONH reaches out to pull the hunter from the bushes it is entangled in and suddenly several clumps of vines start sluggishly whipping about and moving toasted KRONH and the other hunter.

KRONH is grabbed by the vines that secret burning fluid on his skin and reacts by consuming a vial of speed while his servants feebly attempt to battle the vines.

KRONH is wrapped in vines and unable to fire his thunder god penis and instead pummels and bites the vines while thrashing out of their grasp.

Meanwhile the healing-woman strikes at the bushes with her weapon and suddenly the vegetation goes limp, the bush disgorging the shining hunter.

KRONH speaks with the strange man, his tribe is from the north; KRONH asks what weapons he bears and finds out that she in an unarmed foraging woman!

Still, with the shining skins she must be from the gods tribe, and KRONH commands her to escort the party back to her tribe and we set forth northwards...


  1. Much manliness emanates pugently across the electronified aethyr in the wake of your puissant recounting of the mighty adventures of KROHN who hunts goodest of all and is wielder of the god-penis firestick.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. More KRONH. Make More KRONH. KRONH Much Goodly Funness! KRONH!