Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adventure/Module Recomendations?

I'm looking to pad out my collection of adventures; system doesn't matter as long as it's reasonably compatible with OSR-ish D&D & varients.

Looking for swords & sorcery/pulp fantasy/science fantasy. Free, not-free, included in a magazine, it's all good.

I like:
The Fane of St. Toad
The Dreaded Isle
The Unknown City
The People of the Pit
Obregon's Dishonor
The Isle of Dread

Dwellers of the Forbidden City

The Mines of Khunmar
The Coils of Set
ANYTHING by Gabor Lux

Do you guys have any sterling recommendations?


  1. Pod Caverns of the Sinister Shroom.

  2. I recently reviewed The Nameless City and would recommend it - it's based on Lovecraft's story with plenty of REH and Serpent People.

    Two other recommendations would be B4 The Lost City (TSR - influenced by Red Nails) and X2 Castle Amber (TSR - influenced by CAS Averoigne stories).

  3. I've never played this one, but you have to love the title:

  4. @Greg: B'thuvian was inspired by the Fear of Girls video.

    I saw the video and thought it hilarious. I contacted the owner of the property and got the rights to make an adventure based off of the video. I won a Silver GenCon ENnie award for the adventure. :)

    BTW, the guy playing Doug Douglason in the video is Tom Lommel, who's heavily into NASCRAG - an organization running tourney games at GenCon since 1980. Tom's a great guy.

  5. I like the Spire of Iron & Crystal:

  6. One of the best adventures (more like a regional sandbox, really) is RuneQuest's Griffin Island. (I know that it was based on another product called Griffin Mountain but I found the island version to be more suited for non-Gloranthan play, which is what you are looking for.)

  7. Pits of Bendal-Dolum and the Temple of the Moon?

  8. I'd suggest:
    The Forgotten Temple of Baalzebul (same author as People of the Pit and Nameless City)
    Idol of Orcs
    Spire of Iron & Crystal

    Rahasia (I know your looking for OSR, but I think this is one of the most under rated TSR adventure)

  9. @jgbrowning: Nice work, jg! And you're right -- that video is classic. :-D

  10. GT1 Path of the Delver - Levels 1-2 (LL adventure)

  11. Do you know The Spider God's Bride?

  12. Probably not helpful, but I wrote about some of my own home made adventures on my blog:

  13. Thanks for the help, a lot of great suggestions!