Thursday, March 18, 2010

Unintentional Typo May Be An Improvement Over Original Concept

While working on the NPC generation section of the Planet Algol booklet the following error in an entry on the NPC trait table jumped out at me:
18- Is obsessive in checking campsites, bedding, books and the like for poisonous vermin.
In oldschool D&D land that actually makes sense, nevermind the comedy potential *Hireling knocks book found in dungeon out of sorcerer's hands* "You fool, check it for poisonous vermin first!"

Also: Lester, he of the awesome Planet Algol artwork & Carcosa box sets, collaborated with some of the contributors for the current issue of FIGHT ON!, and issue #8 includes two pieces of his work. Here is a teaser he just sent me:


  1. So, I have a question, being relatively new to this world of gaming blogs. I have seen many blogs devoted to the OSR, old school gaming, and items such as Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future and a few other things.

    Would you be able to point a searcher in the right direction to learn more about the OSR? I really like the concept of a publication such as Fight On, and I'd like to learn more about this community of fans. Any help would be appreciated.


  2. Morrisonmp, check out “A Quick Primer for Old School Gaming” written by Swords & Wizardry creator Matthew Finch--and the best part is, it's free!

  3. Congratulations Lester and Fight On!

    Works out awesome for both parties involved.

    The NPC named above sounds like me. Sounds like they have a background in Pest Control/Extermination.

  4. Speaking of Carcosa, just wanted to make sure you didn't miss this:

    @Morrisonmp - The community is kinda wild & wooly. Just hit the blogrolls and spend a few weeks, tooling around. You'll find all kinds of far out stuff!

  5. Sometimes typos work out really well... That's how my Encounter Critical mutations ended up with "Supper-Speed" (move twice as fast when moving toward food).

  6. @Jay
    Thanks for pointing me to that little booklet. I downloaded it tonight. I'm wondering what system is being used for the Planet Algol game that the play stories come from? It's an interesting story, and the tags list AD&D, but that doesn't really seem to jive with a lot of what's going on.

    Any further pointers would be great. Thank you.

  7. Wait, there's a Caracosa box set? With Lester's art? I must obtain one.

  8. @ Morrison: Hey, thanks for dropping by. I'm using heavily houseruled AD&D for the ruleset...

    @ Aos: "Bootleg" boxset with Erol Otus artwork actually...

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