Thursday, March 11, 2010

Credit Where Credit Is Due, Other Neglected Notes and Further Zigguratitude

1. A while ago I posted my "100 NPC(s) Table." I feel terrible for neglecting to mention/credit how much of an inspiration Zak Smith's "Hidden Traits of NPCs" tables was. #99 is my favorite!

2. After I posted about my appreciation for Morten Braten's Ancient Kingdoms: Mesoptomia, the admirable Melan put a boot up my ass for neglecting to mention XP1: The Spider God's Bride And Other Tales, an excellent 3.5 edition traditional Sword & Sorcery resource and non-sucky adventure path easily usable with any version/edition.

3. While I was discussing Mesopotamian D&D, I should have also mentioned Chgowiz' yet unreleased "Land of Two Rivers/Tomb of Hulkursag." The crumbs of info I have seen have me drooling...

4. One day I berate simulacrum producers and the OSR-at-large for neglecting the Froghemoth and the next day a true scholar and gentleman of the aforementioned OSR provides an open game content version for us all to use.

5. More Black Ziggurat sightings: The Mutant Future and a partial cross-section of Ziqquratu Ziyaret.

6. I make a post about unique spellbooks and than one of you wise-acres has to go and beat me to making a Random Magic Book Name Generator. Also Trollsmyth went and provided links to further examples of such books.

Hopefully my next post will actually have some Planet Algol related content instead of blogosphere/meta- echo chambering (as much I love the "echo chamber" effect!).


  1. Thanks for the linkage. I'm loving this Xoth stuff!

  2. The Spider God's Bride and Other Tales is great!

  3. This link provides an addition tome name generator among other random generators:


  4. Hmn, I've looked at the page for the Spider God's Bride a number of times and wondered if it was any good. Hmn.

  5. Anonymous: Thanks!

    Matt: Anything by Thulsa is ace! He has a bunch of old TSR modules redone as Hyborian adventures that you should investigate for examples of his quality output.