Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Steve Zieser Subject of Successful Cloning Program...

...and by that I mean that I get a creepy deja vu when looking at this recent example of Fat Cotton's Artwork, I would have sworn it was a piece by Steve Zieser!

American Barbarica is a pretty Awesome-Stupid blog, and as a fan of Character Portraits-Regardless of Artistic Merit, I am thinking that we all can use more Cellphone Pictures of Character Sheet Portraits.

Although I'm all about "Weridsciencefantasyplanet" right now, there's a couple of blogs that have been doing Yee Olde Traditionyl Phantasie Lande style stuff with an approach I find fresh and exciting. I love the Scurrilous Dung Ages vibe of what I've been seeing of Middenmurk, which achieves the miracle of Making Me Like Halflings. I also adore Ancient Vaults and Eldritch Secrets, which always makes me think of old disney movies on acid! And as a former victim of the "Making the Perfect Fantasy Earth Campaign Setting" obession/madness, it's great seeing that the Tao of D&D is doing exactly that with proper obsessiveness.

Also, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who already misses Chgowiz's big shiny head. There was a lot of practical oldschool D&D advice/theory on his blog which will be sorely missed...


  1. This just reminded me about the halloween session we played a couple years back where the only music was Misfits & Danzig. Good times.

  2. Did somebody say acid? :]
    As many will readily agree, I am just a tool, albeit of the blog. I barely control Chalk and the boys, they are very free-willed.

    And let us not forget who coined the term sporecery! 'Twas not I!

  3. Thanks Blair for all the good press!

    *Seanzie Dudebird, thanks, you radical fiend you, I'll see you at the table agi'n one of these days.

    Also, I think I had a mild cardial infarction when I read your comment about Halflings, then I almost lost it when I read the list of halfling character traits. My god.

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