Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Three Loathsome Tomes of Kral-Ugott And The Tales of Leigkhu the Scoundrel

As I was discussing earlier, I've been working on putting some flavorful grimoires of repute in my campaign. One of the design goals was to elegantly incorporate "non-core" spells into my campaign.

The below are the results of some thought on the matter, the specific goal being to provide an agency for some of the spells from Ancient Vaults and Eldritch Secrets, Beyond the Black Gate, Secrets of Acheron, and Eldritch Weirdness to enter my campaign. Interestingly enough, I now have the archetypal "Infamous Nasty Evil Tome..."

The Three Loathsome Tomes of Kral-Ugott
An infamous collection of blackest sorcery compiled by a reviled Sorcerer-King of the Ancients Kral-Ugott. There are three tomes in this compilation, although rumors persist of a collected omnibus edition containing additional rituals and incantations.

Volume I, "The Putrid Green Tome of Kral-Ugott"
A large grimoire bound in battered scarred filthy manskin, mottled with disgusting green moulds. The filthy pages are full of crabbed black sigils and when opened emits a choking fungal odour.

Level 1
Evil Eye (soa)
Grave Torment (soa)
Vile Weapon (soa)

Level 2
Cloak of Shadows (btbg)
Corruption of the Leaf (aves)
Strange Shadows (aves)
Strangulations (ew)
Tamu's Collaring Coiffure (ew)
Touch of Pain (aves)
Yxagyg Coil (btbg)

Volume II, "The Slavering Red Book of Kral-Ugott"
This large volume is bound in red scales encrusted with blackish-brown residue. When opened a strong smell of old rotting blood permeates the air.

Level 3
Blessing of Og Sohoth (btbg)
Talons of Yrg (btbg)

Level 4
Aura of Terror (aves)
Beast of Chaos (ew)
Breath of Death (aves)
The Curse of Xurgk (btbg)
Deadly Bliss (ew)
Rain of Evil (aves)
Shadow Armor
Syblymyr's Dark Compulsion (btbg)
The Wind of Pestilence (aves)

Volume III, "The Utmost Black Grimoire of Kral-Ugott"
This massive book is has two sharp-edged heavy plates of glistening black metal plates for covers. These metal plates are quite bloodthirsty and often cut the hands of those perusing the book's contents. It emits a strong burnt metallic smell.

Level 5
Agonizing Doom (soa)
Breath of Yizil (soa)
Deadly Dissolvative (ew)
Infestation of Astral Vile Incarnates (aves)
Most Horrible Absorption (ew)
Six Mouths of Horror (ew)

Level 6
The Cohesive Cocoon (ew)
Twilight of Thieves (ew)

Level 7
Enslave (soa)
Enterragate (ew)
Your Heart is Mine (soa)

Level 8
Borrowed Time (ew)

Tales of Leigkhu the Scoundrel, Volumes I & II
Collections of episodic picaresque and erotic tales detailing the adventures of a lusty, cunning and greedy vagabond-magician, Leigkhu. These tales are collected in two small, slim volumes with elegant black leather covers, and feature several pornographic plates. Often Leigkhu is accompanied by two additional rogues from a "distant sphere," Khor-Aam the Fighting-Man and Chaalyk the Magic-User. Embedded in the text and illustrations are the encrypted formulae for several spells that Leigkhu, Chaalyk and their adversaries employ. The actual tales themselves are light reading but are also quite entertaining, albeit of a scandalous bent and capable of shocking the reader by the depths of amorality plumbed by Leigkhu and companions in the contained exploits.

Volume I, "Leigkhu and the Eight Grasping Barons"

Level 1
Rope of Steel (aves)

Level 2
Casting Aspersions (aves)
Glamour of False Healing (aves)
Mastery of Puppets (aves)
Mutinous Limb! (aves)
Summon Peasant (aves)
Zeralazar's Blazing Trail (aves)

Volume II, "Leigkhu and the Seven Lusty Sorceresses"

Level 3
Memory Thrall (aves)
Nesztor's Vastly Improved Spell of Levitation (btbg)
Roles Reversed (aves)
Things Out There (aves)

Level 6
Reveal True Name (aves)

aves - Ancient Vaults and Eldritch Secrets
btbg - Beyond the Black Gate - Congratulations on your "Birthday."
ew - Eldritch Weirdness
soa - Secrets of Acheron


  1. Just wanted to say I really like this series of posts you're doing. Evocative spellbooks are a lot of fun.

  2. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy them!

  3. What greater honor is there? None.

    I hope that all of these spells, from all of the sources, enhance your campaign world, if for no other reason than to mangle a few players.

    Pssst! Casting Aspersions links to Mutinous Limb also.

  4. ancientvaults: Dude, you don't how many times I broke out guffawing while reading & rereading the fiction for Glamour of False Healing. Tears were coming down my cheeks...

  5. Awesome! You aren't the only one has cried over that spell! :)

  6. Bloody awesome.

    This is how all spells in all RPGs, supplements, etc should be presented.