Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hello Beautiful, I See Your Sister is Lovely As Well

I know there's plenty of random dungeon map generators on the internet but I think that this one and this one possess an especially sublime combination of utility and beauty. Sure there's no grid, but it's easy enough to throw some graph paper into the printer!

PS. When computers "auto-word-complete" for me it drives me bonkers. (me to word processor program "Why don't you let me write this?") It is especially aggravating when I'm trying to imput tags for a blog post and the auto-complete strong-arms the wrong word in. Anyone know how to turn it off?


  1. Those are both super cool! I have used a couple of the online generators, but I agree that these two have a certain charm that the others do not.

  2. The one with Dyson's is more to my liking.
    --Super nice.

  3. I just download all the tiles (30 from the first, 17 from the second) so I can print them out on cardsheet later. I like to arrange the tiles myself, as I can rotate and adjust them to my liking. And yes, they look nice, more so, the first set.