Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Further Sightings of the Black Ziggurat!

Under the Dying Sun (and a very meta- manifestation as well!)
The Ebon Zikkuract (a very literal tesseract manifestation and now we have the word "zikkuract!")
The Black Ziggurat of Riskail (You know Riskail? That hot, new weird fantasy setting with all the talented writing and their Black Ziggurat has a Shoggoth!)
And what's This? Only the Black Ziggurat of GREYHAWK! (Which also contains an imprisoned Satan-figure and a lightsabre...)
EDIT: I'm hating myself for forgetting The Black Ziggurat of the Mutant Future!


  1. Satan...? Lightsabers...?

    Yes, but what does it all MEAN?!?!?!?!

    With all these 'ziggurat' posts, I'm starting to get scared... what if we all wind up like Roy Neary, only instead of making Devil's Tower out of our mashed potatoes, we make two-step ziggurats!?!?!

    And the dreams... My God, THE DREAMS!!!!!!

  2. There will be more on the zikkuract, writing that post was serious fun! Now to introduce other polychora into RPG mapping... :)

    Thinking on the Close Encounters link can we get Riskail's shoggoth to sing the tune?

  3. polychora....i have to find an excuse to use that word more often!

  4. I incorporated the Black Ziggurat into the Shrouded Lands hexcrawl setting we're writing over at EN World (

    Feel free to join us! (You can read about the Black Ziggurat in the PDF in the first post).