Sunday, March 21, 2010

OSR Drama and Killing Your Players WIth Insect Warfare and Bathory

There's not many communities where death metal fans, pastors, academics, law enforcement personnel, bong enthusiasts, punk rockers, parents, lawyers, and the like are all having a mutually respectful dialogue while communicating with and learning from each other. There's no reason to start driving divisions into this community.

I have been musing recently about how things have been too good in the OSR community; things have been running too smoothly; folks have been getting along; the community has been growing. Of course some clusterfuck has to come rolling down; getting people agitated; picking sides; pointing fingers.

It makes me sad. One of the things I really appreciate about this OSR blog community is that I get to exchange thoughts and opinions with the sort of folks I would ordinarily never have a dialogue with.

This community is The Baby. This current drama is the bathwater.

Anyways, it's Sunday, I'm DMing, and I'm jamming some ripping tunes in order to get pumped for the arterial spray and shredded brain matter...


  1. Funny thing, this is the third reference to OSR drama I've seen this morning, and aside from it possibly having something to do with TARGA (guessing here) I have no idea what it's about. Nor do I need to know- and it's not that I'm above it all or anything like that- it just kind of makes me sad to see people tear into one another.
    However, having recently survived being at the center of some internet drama I'm sorry to hear it has come to the OSR, and I hope everyone gets over it fast and moves on. As for me, I'm going to watch another episode of Kolchak: The Nightstalker on netflix.

  2. As for me, I'm going to watch another episode of Kolchak: The Nightstalker on netflix.
    That's the most sane suggestion I've heard all week! I wish I could do the same; in a short while I'm off to a health care fundraiser. The cause is important to me, but on a Sunday afternoon I'd rather be with Kolchak.

  3. The sun will shine again.

    Glad I was away from the blogosphere for a couple of days.

  4. Can somebody let me in on the so-called drama? I also missed it. Must not be on any of the blogs I read.

  5. Here's my drama: Insect Warfare sucks. Yeah, that dude can blast fast, but he's got no soul. Also, Hatred Surge is waaaay more brutalizing. :)

  6. I always like "A Fine Day to Die" on the way to game

  7. I want to thank Aos for pointing out that Netflix has Kolchak: the Nightstalker, which is the best information that the current drama has brought to light!

  8. And a few hours later the drama has subsided, two of the players have a civil dialogue going and maybe even something positive will come of it in the end.

    I will say that you are right, things were going too smoothly and seeing some of the backlash, there have been a lot of emotions raging that have nothing at all to do with the recent scenario that exploded, I feel using the scenario as a reason to rage, and by people not really involved, but on the sidelines.

  9. @ Booberry- I found your blog as a result of the controversy, so we're even :).