Monday, March 1, 2010

Adventure Brainstorming - The Crypt of the Hierodule

My Players Keep Out!

So my better half wanted to watch Legion. Despite my disdain for anthromorphic angels (especially ones that are outfitted like action figures), the geeky discussion regarding "How could you fight an Angel?" afterward inspired me. (p.s. My answer is that you can't fight an Angel as they're temporary manifestations of an omnipotent god's will in our material realm, i.e. it's fingertips)

I've been rereading Gene Wolfe's "Book of the New Sun," I'm always down with some ancient astronaut wackiness (ever read the Von Danniken book where he claims that the ancient astronauts are angels?) and my favorite Hellboy moment is the sublime WTF?!?! when they cut to the aliens?/angels? monitoring the monoliths imprisoning the beast.

So I now know what my next dungeon will be: The Crypt of Hierodule, the Tomb of the Elohim, a grave-dungeon containing the remains of an ancient otherworldly servant of Law/The Lords of Light. Maybe it's an alien explorer, maybe it's a six-winged serpentine Seraphim composed to radiant smokeless fire, maybe it's both and something else as well...

Inhabitants? Degenerated Nephilium, positive-energy mummies, golems, Lawful cultists, Indiana Jones style traps. A nice reversal of the usual rotting, filthy catacombs containing tentacled gelatinous horrors motif in my campaign.


  1. A nice reversal of the usual rotting, filthy catacombs

    Yes, if the walls and floors are made of shining, polished material, perhaps even metal, and all the lights are working, and so on, all that will immediately throw the players for a loop.

  2. Great ideas.

    'in the light, there's nowhere to hide'

    inside of a cleanup crew, have self-sanitizing surfaces. opposing dogmatic sects - lawgivers, ha ("I am the Law").. Lawlords.

  3. I figure if Jacob can wrestle an angel, then why not somebody else?

  4. One/Some of the inhabitants could have access to high tech weapons - maybe not stuff that would cause collateral damage to the dungeon itself but weapons that radiate concussive waves, displace their targets or cause victims to implode, or stun/paralyse them - so they can be tried by an extreme-lawful court etc.

  5. Regarding the light, I had already decided that, in classic Abraham Merrit fashion, that the air itself was going to be luminous and yes, there would be no shadows!

    Weaponwise, this is more of an Old Testment kind of lawful Angel lair. Swords of radiant fire, beam that turn the target into salt and the like.

  6. Ever read anything by Zecharia Sitchin? That guy knows how to tell a story. I think i remember something about Abraham having used alien technology (Ark of the Covenant) to repel a large group of attacking soldiers and the Great Pyramid being actually a prison for the "god" Marduk. Pretty awesome. Of course those stories came from ancient sources but he gave them context. He also cites Von Danniken, I believe