Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chapter 16, Part 2 "The Arrogant Sorcerer and the Smirking Guard"

Part I Here.

The next day Buzz Brazelhach sets out into Canyx with two goals: To meet with the Baron of Canyx to discuss his collection of guns; and to hustle up some female companionship.

The guards at the Baron's Manor explain that a generous donation to the gardens of Canyx would aid him in getting an appointment so Buzz donates a sizable sum of gold credits and is informed that a messenger will be sent to his inn when they schedule and appointment...quite unsatisfactory.

Buzz wanders the streets. He notices that the blue women of Canyx dress in simple yet conservative garments and are uninterested in the Australian adventurer. He does notice one young, slender maiden and approaches her with a complimentary quip.

The maiden is flustered by Buzz's flirtation, swoons and faints. Buzz grabs the collapsing blue lady and feels an unpleasantly bony figure. As she recoveres he realizes that she is actually quite unattractive. However the maid is quite taken with Buzz and explains that her wealthy and powerful father is trying to get her married and that he has a sizable dowry. Buzz attempts to set her up with the innocent youth Radar O'Reiley but there is no dissuading her and he eventually makes an awkward exit.

The next day Buzz returns to the Baron's manor to see if he has secured an appointment but the guards inform him that the Baron is furious that an Earth Man adventurer has been attempting to seduce his daughter!

The party quickly gathers their orniths and belongings and set out from Canyx. When they exit the town gates they see a familiar robed figure on zorseback, the arrogant pushy sorcerer they previously encountered in Jakay and outside of Agog city. He is accompanied by four guards (three Lhovhami Red Men and one Hyperborean White Man) mounted on hulking, obese, albino manlike creatures with idiotic faces.

The sorcerer immediately begins yelling at the party to get off the road as he is very important and has no time for peons blocking his route. Buzz informs the sorcerer that he will definitely not get off the road. The sorcerer responds "This insulting behavior in unacceptable! Are you saying that you will duel one of my guards?"

Buzz tries to explain that although he will not take this abusive behavior he has no interest in fighting a duel. Meanwhile the Hyperborean guard begins smirking at the party with an infuriating smug expression.

Jek-Mor the Hyperborean sorcerer, who is fed up with the uptight Lawful town of Canyx and their urine-flavored gin loses his temper and casts sleep upon the manlike mounts of the guards who collapse into snoring gelatinous heaps.

As the party and the guards draw their weapons and the sorcerer begins muttering an incantation fight breaks out Buzz shoots the sorcerer in the belly with his large-apertured gamma radiation pistol (purchased from Dickie Dee) before Jedediah puts a bullet into the sorcerer's skull blasting it into pieces.

In the chaos following the sorcerer's death his guards immediately surrender while the town guards of Canyx are seen cowering behind the battlements with shocked expressions. The party grabs the dead sorcerer and his zorse and flee northwards across the iridium plateau. After a couple of hours they hide behind a pile of rocks and loot the body finding a magic dagger, a brooch that absorbs magic missiles and a spellbook.

Dickie Dee cackles with glee as he cradles the spellbook and instructs the party to kill the sorcerer's zorse as otherwise it could lead others to the body. They party than rides hard eastwards.

They travel trough Agog City, across the Great Span, through Jakay and to Fortress Scarlet without incident. They are allowed to pass through Fortress Scarlet, but when exiting through the gate that leads eastwards through a canyon the party sees two things on the battlements: the impaled body of the Nire Witch Woman who solicited Buzz's aid to escape slavery; and the crested Vlesh Man that Radar O'Reiley beat up in a fistfight, who is glaring at the Earth Youth with a murderous gaze.

The party continues through Adomaz and to Kharhem, which they hope is far enough away from the scene of their crime to avoid retribution...

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  1. I think it was Jedediah who blew the asshole sorcerer's brains out. Rodan grazed him with a beam from his raygun.