Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pluton Zone Miscellany - The Karcery Institut

Karcery Institut
Karcery is one of the few inhabited worlds of the Pluton Zone that is not part of it's general feudal society, instead operating as a strictly regimented organization, managed by KEAB Authority (Karcery Elder Advisory Board). Karcery is infamous for its Institut Troopers, squads of mercenary sorcerer-soldier fanatics, conditioned from birth to be unafraid of death and utterly loyal to the terms of their commissions. These commissions are tightly regulated by the KEAB Authority, which operates independently from the feudal lords of the Pluton Zone while still maintaining restraint with their commissions in order to avoid unduly destabilizing it's civilization. Institut Troopers wear black uniforms with discrete silver skull insignias; its is said that they are ritually married to a skeleton, and thus death itself, upon graduation from the KEAB Authority conditioning academies. Troopers are raised in military units from birth in these academies.


  1. I like the 'ritually married to a skeleton' detail. Symbolism like that is easily remembered and evocative.

  2. Sorry for the OT, but check the Algol email :-)

  3. @ Needles: Thanks...that was the intent, with a but of Vance.

    @ Dariel: Good points, I'll try and continue in that vein :)

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