Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Unofficial" Character Sheets and More Artwork

The esteemable Lester/B. Portly took it upon himself to craft a Planet Algol Character Sheet with a border he believes was in an old Clark Ashton Smith anthology. Although they are certainly "unofficial," feel free to avail yourselves of Lester's effort. It's digest sized, and the purple version (1.4 MB) is available Here and the black & white version (300 KB) Here. Although designed to fold in half in order to create a folder, one could easily print it one both sides of a sheet of paper and then cut it in half, creating two double-sided sheets.

I also have some more artwork by Planet Algol campaign participants to share, previews of what you can expect in the first Planet Algol booklet(s). I'm sure many of you will recognize the below tableaux as a homage to a certain beloved artist; two different renditions of three "magic-users" (a Sage, a Sorcerer and a Mind Wizard) squabbling over a table of arcane relics. The top image is by Wesley/Fat Cotton and the lower one is by Lester/B. Portly.


  1. Planet Algol Booklets? The gaming gods have again answered my prayers! I was getting ready to spend a Saturday downloading and printing it all. I would pay $$$ for a PDF or Print copy, all tidied up and ready.

    1. Planet Algol: "Unofficial" Character Sheets And More Artwork >>>>> Download Now

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      Planet Algol: "Unofficial" Character Sheets And More Artwork >>>>> Download LINK

      >>>>> Download Now

      Planet Algol: "Unofficial" Character Sheets And More Artwork >>>>> Download Full

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  2. OMG. Those sheets are friggin brilliant.

  3. Wow, this post is full of goodies! More please!

  4. I love how Bad-ass Dickie Dee looks. Nice!

  5. I'm not able to get the PDFs to work for some reason.

  6. @James: Well, it's still a bit in the future so don't let me stop you in the meantime.

    @G.: Hmm, they're working on my end. I was just swapping out the links for an optimized purple version so maybe it was due to that?

    @Jay: I'll do my best!

    @Fat Cotton: He certainly doesn't looks like a cowardly, lurking intoxicant enthusiast! Maybe Pete will see the picture and start acting like Dickie Dee is some heavy badass.

  7. Seconding how bad ass The Boneman looks.

    Killer job guys.

    Can't wait to hear what troubles you got into in my absence. Thanks to any/all of you who helped mop up this week's flood too.

  8. I'd like to download these character sheets, but the links do not produce PDF files - only a blank MediaFire page. Do you have any recommendations on how I can get the B&W sheet? Thanks!

  9. cyclo, try clicking the links in the text--not the images--that's how I got mine. It should take you to a media fire page that prompts you (right side of page) to download the files.