Saturday, December 12, 2009

Technological Artifact - Flexfield Generator Belt

A remnant of the technological sophistication of the Ancients, a Flexfield Generator Belt consists of a bulky rectangular box mounted on an adjustable belt of linked alloy plates. A toggle switch on the box turns it on and off.

When turned on a Flexfield Generator Belt projects a flexible force field around the wearer, which provides a bonus, which is often variable, to armor class, as well as saving throws against area effects, energy attacks, and so forth. On many generators the toggle switch allows the wearer to adjust the defensive value of the force field. They are powered by Radiation Crystals, which hold 100 charges. One charge is drained per "plus" of the force field setting per round.

If you are using the weapon versus armor type attack roll adjustments rule, any positive modifier to an attack roll versus the wearer of an active Flexfield Generator Belt is negated due to the "slickness" of the flexfield.

Flexfields are vulnerable to energy attacks, such as lasers, phasic weapons, and so forth, and behave unpredictably when struck by them. The flexfield armor class and saving throw bonuses do not apply when attacked by energy weapons. Whenever an active flexfield is struck by an energy weapon roll on the below table:

d6 Result
1 The flexfield generator self destructs and the wearer takes triple damage from the energy attack.
2 The flexfield generator's energy crystal is drained of all of it's charges and the wearer takes double damage from the energy attack.
3-5 The flexfield wearer takes additional damage equal to one point of damage per defensive plus that the generator is set to per die of damage the energy weapon inflicts.
6 The energy weapon used to attack the flexfield explodes, inflicting as much damage as an attack by the weapon multiplied by a factor ranging from 1 to 3, dependent on a 1d3 roll. The radiation crystal, or other power source, in the energy weapon is destroyed.

Use the below table to determine the possible defensive settings of a Flexfield Generator Belt:
d12 Defensive Value Settings
1-4 +1 only
5-8 +1 to +2
7-9 +1 to +3
10-11 +1 to +4
12 +1 to +5

Note: Obviously inspired by Frank Herbert's Dune.


  1. Gamma World 1e has tidy force field rules FYI.
    Though, the flexfield backlash rules are very nice!

  2. Sweet! Now we just need a weirding module!

  3. cool this is great i can use this info for my reserch