Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chapter 12, Prologue: "Radioactive Research"

Dickie Dee - Bone Man Sorcerer and Intoxicant Enthusiast
Xarnagan Vrokk - Haasht Man Fighting-Sage

Xarnagan decides to take leave of the party's seemingly endless tear of lustful abandon to return to the Hive of Sages and do more research; something he finds to be much more useful than finding lively liquids and lubricious labias to toss his valuable gold credits at. At the entrance he exclaims to the steward that he requires access in order to look into how to recharge a radiation crystal. He realizes at this point that, although being quite responsible with his retinue of coinage, he has no gold credits left, and returns to The Flagrant Whore to ask of the party to fund his research. After recieving a positive response from Dickie, Xarnagan returns to the Hive and approaches the steward and asks what service he could offer for research time. Gaining temporary entrance until matters are fully decided, Xarnagan begins to slowly peruse the Hive for applicable research material.

During this, Dickie Dee arrives bringing a bag of dirty gold credits and a strange little pill to Xarnagan,

"Xarnagan, as promised I wish to aid your research. You'll find in this bag are about 800 gold credits and a dose of a cognitive enhancer known as Sorcerer's Silver. The Captain and I are heading out on an expedition and may not be back for several weeks. When I get back I may be able to help your research, for as you know I am highly fluent in Computer."

Dickie Dee waits for Xarnagan to respond, and when it becomes apparent that he is absorbed in his research he heads out, seeking the nearest vapor lounge.

Looking up quickly, as if coming out of a trance, Xarnagan sees the form of Dickie Dee quickly exiting the room, a lightness to his step and an excited whistle in place of the typical clacking of his protruding jaw. Looking down again at the table in front of him, he sees the silver pill and bag of credits left by the Bone Man Sorcerer. Delighted that while the party is apt to spend their coinage on more frivolous things, Xarnagan notes they seem to have respect for certain party enhancing priorities at least. He also notes that he now has two pills of Sorcerer's Silver - One from Dickie, and One from Tazar the Interlocutor that he had purchased prior to befriending the likable lord of the Tower. He plans on using those two pills to their most prudent possibilities. With those thoughts in mind, he returns to the research materials that he has slowly begun to amass on the table in front of him.


  1. I thought it was the Lurking Serpent? Unless they moved since the last chapter of Xarnagan's Journal...

  2. Possibly, although neither I or the players are particularly scrupulous in remembering the names of such establishments.