Friday, December 18, 2009

A Question About Your Preferences and Gaming Goodness Courtesy of B. Portly

At some point in the new year I'm planning on publishing Planet Algol material in booklet form. It will include the setting information; the player information (classes, races, houserules, etc.); and the referee information such as hexmaps, encounters & locations, monsters, treasures, and so forth. They will be digest sized and will have information from this blog and the referees resources blog, but edited, revised and expanded, as well as entirely new content.

If you are interested in such a publication or similar products, would you prefer that it be contained in one single volume or split into two booklets, one with the players' information and one with the referees' information?

As well, Planet Algol campaign participant & artiste Lester/B. Portly provides us with am optimized version of the purple Unofficial Planet Algol Character Sheet available here. Still no smoking brazier I'm afraid...

Lester also made the below table. Originally a result of 8 was "girl-child," I changed it to child on account of all Earth boys romping about in Narnia. Maybe I should have a random encounter with a small group of dejected early 20th-century british children on my tables...

Earth Man Explorer Table (d8)
1 - Astronaut - Could be from any time and flung through space and time.
2 - Sailor or Pilot - Whether shipwrecked or plane crashed, they find themselves on Planet Algol.
3 - Pioneer - Traveler in the new world. Includes Vikings, Mountain Men, Conquistadors, Voyageurs, etc.
4 - Soldier - Could be cavalry officer transported from earth or a trench fighter that wanders into mustard gas.
5 - Professor - Time travelers or those those that study altered states of consciousness.
6 - Occultist - Those that dabble in ancient esoteric ritual or eldritch rites.
7 - Dreamer - Men who's imagination is so prodigious, the may enter different realms.
8 - Child - Characters like Alice or Dorothy transported, from pastoral settings to a bizarre world.


  1. I'd prefer two booklets, but I'd still buy it as one booklet.

  2. Do it 'Majestic Wilderlands' style -- one book.

  3. That is HAWT!

    My preference is for one book if it's a supplement and two books if it's a self contained game.

  4. I've just disocvered your site, and I have to say I agree with Stuart above - one book for a supplement, but two for a full game. Good luck - can't wait to see it in print :D

  5. Great chart! I'd prefer 1 booklet but I don't rule out buying two.

  6. I would prefer one booklet, but either way is fine with me.

  7. Changed my mind as I was typing. I think two booklets would be great (and I'd likely buy multiple player's books), but will buy it regardless.

  8. Two, but who am I kidding? I'll buy it if it's written on toilet paper in crayon. You had me at "Dickie Dee."

  9. Another good call on a generic "Child Explorer".
    I totally forgot about authors like Lewis, Dickens, Kipling,and Hughes, to name a few.
    I even took a lit class (you wouldn't guess it from my grammar or spelling) where we studied the genre.
    I seem to recall Marcus Rowland (Forgotten Futures, Space 1889) wrote an rpg about child adventurers. Now I'll have to look for that...

  10. CrusssDaddy says:

    For me, depends on the page count. Over 100 pages, split it in two... under 100 pages, keep it all together. In either case, consider that mofo purchased.

  11. I would say one booklet as well, but I could work with two. The main thing I want is a print of this in my hands.

  12. "Oy gov'nah! I was just nippin' a bit of jenny 'fore I fell down that carsed well! Christ on a Cracker, me loife!"

    I bring you Chadwick Toothbotham, 9 year old pick-pocket and chimney sweep, brought to Algol via "carsed well".

  13. YES!!! That is wot I'm talkin' boot!
    Children that talk in Slade song title lingo!
    Cotton, you must roll out Chadwick next session!

  14. Looks like the "one book people" are going to have their way! As a proponent of simplicity and "less moving parts" I'm happy to go with one book, despite my multi-volume boxed set fetishism. Although I do want to do a special edition with multiple booklets and assorted extras in a box, that will probably wait until/if I have multiple hexmaps detailed and want to do a compilation version.

    @B. Portly: I forgot about that child adventurer RPG you mentioned when I did my child adventurer post dammit!

  15. @ Blair: Found it on the Forgotten Futures site:
    "Based on Victorian children's fantasy and especially the stories of Edith Nesbit."

  16. One book for the GM, with everything in it, and a cut-down version for the players.

    Since digest-sized books on Lulu are only shipped from the USA, and I'm on the other side of the planet (clue: it was stinking hot today), I would be more likely to buy and use a Letter-sized Planet Algol supplement.