Monday, December 7, 2009

I Don't Know How to Even Pronounce It But It Looks Amazing...

I stumbled across this at The Grand Tapestry. I love the lurid, nuclear yellow of the cover stock. I love the line-art and find it much more "believable" than 90% of the fantasy art I see. I love the binding raw & d.i.y.!

Lester, the newest player in my campaign and a very talented artist, took it upon himself to design a Planet Algol character sheet, below is the first draft of the front:

...Deep-One Lysorcersy...


  1. CrusssDaddy says:

    The player sheet needs a smoking brazier in there, wafting the intoxicating fumes of forbidden narcotics...

  2. Using my copy of The Tsolyáni Language, I believe Qadardalikoi (Tsolyáni for great or total war) is pronounced Kahdahrdahleekohee.

    The 'q' sound in Tsolyáni is difficult for westerners: it is a 'k' pronounced farther back in the throat. You can fake it with a hard 'k', though. Dipthongs in Tsolyáni retain their individual sounds, so 'oi' sounds like 'oh-ee' and not 'oy' as in 'boy'. Everything else is relatively simple: 'a' as in 'father', 'd' as in 'does', 'i' as in 'machine', 'k' as in 'skin', 'l' as in 'final', and 'r' as in Spanish 'pero' (but), not American 'bar'.

    In any case, this is a great set of miniatures rules for Tékumel, but I prefer Gary Rudolph's Missum rules from 1978. There's some real gold in there.

  3. Pardon me for going all language geek and not complimenting you on one hell of a fine character record sheet. Salut!

  4. That character sheet is a beauty!

    My only recommendation would be to skip the saves and fit an equipment list and character illustration box on there.

    On Algol you don't know what you need to make your save.

  5. Seanzie: Agreed.

    L: That is one beautiful sheet. Nice rendition of the Algol font, and those tentacles...superb!

  6. Thanks all for the comments!

    Please be advised I found the border on the Clark Ashton Smith site. I'm thinking it is from an old chap book edition? It's not very clear to it's origin.

  7. Very well constructed character sheet.

  8. Both are great, but Lester's character sheet is the bomb! Anonymous is wrong--don't change a thing!

  9. Glad you like Kathy's art on the covers! If your amused by our set of rules, have a look at:

    yours, jeff

  10. @ Jeff: I love it! I thought is was a Sutherland piece, I'd certainly like to see more of Kathy's art.

    I've been having a look at your fine workbench for a while now :)