Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Planet Algol Religion - The Lords of Change

Also known as the Gods of Chaos, the Lords of Change are a vague, sprawling pantheon of wildly different deities. Whereas the theology of the followers of the Lords of Light claims that the forces of Law and Chaos wax and wane is an eternal cosmic cycle, the philosophy of those that pay worship to the Lords of Change claim that Chaos is the natural state of the universe, is indeed the universe itself is Chaos, and that Lawful forces only exists as brief aberrant expressions of Chaos itself.

The huge variety of Lords of Change encompasses everything from relatively ordinary gods of thieves and artists to unspeakable horrors, and more extreme sects pay homage the Great Old Ones. Likewise, there exists a multitude of wildly differing sects. Like the Lords of Light, this religion bears similarity to ancient middle eastern beliefs, as well as the Churches of Chaos of Athanor and the Tlokiriqáluyal of Tekumel.

Although the Lords of Light are considered to be the protectors of civilization and mankind, many civilized men worship the Lords of Change, generally criminals, rebellious artists, decadent nobles and the like. Many hidden cults to the Gods of Chaos exist under civilizations facade; in especially liberal or depraved settlements they may be worshiped openly.

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