Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Planet Algol Religion - The Lords of Light

The Lords of Light, also known as the Agents of Stability, are a vague pantheon, usually portrayed as a family or a bureaucracy, of Lawful deities, with occasional benign Neutral exceptions. Their theology often portrays them as vague, distant aspects of an unknowable, omnidimensional godhead and claims that The Lords of Light protect humanity from the depredations of the Lords of Change and the horrors of the Great Old Ones. Many myths revolves around the stories of different incarnations of a mystic sage possessing immense wisdom and a doomed eternal warrior-hero.

Worship, dogma, and practice often vary wildly in diverse regions, the result of different interpretations of scripture, and the various sects that exist are as likely to regard each other as rivals as often as alien.

The Theology of the Lords of Light bears similarities to certain ancient middle-eastern and Hindu beliefs as well as the Tlomitlányal of Tekumel and the Churches of Law of Athanor.

Although they are portrayed as the protectors of civilization and mankind, they are usually paid superficial Heed by the common Algol man. Still, some temples and sect wield considerable political and military might.


  1. Lords of light? Phasic Weapons (Sun Swords)? But no Moks? Where is the love for Ookla?

  2. When I was a child, I didn't get to see a lot of seminal cartoons, although I managed to see a couple of Thundarr episodes..and loved it, although the mix of post-apoc and magic confused my simple mind.

    In my case usage of the term Lords of Light is primarily inspired by the band Hawkwind, although I am aware of the Thundarr exclamation. Phasic was swiped from Encounter Critical in order to have a more genre evocative term than "energy dagger."