Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vampires of Planet Algol

The Vampires of Planet Algol are the undead remnants of one of the extinct races of the Ancients, composed of an empire of necromancers obsessed with immortality who drained blood and life-force for access to dark powers and prolonged lifespans.

Male and female Vampires are very different in appearance; although both genders have black, membranous wings growing out of their shoulder blades, sharp, elongated canine teeth, and curving claws for nails.

Male Vampires are generally hideous. Most are stooped, hunched or twisted. They have pale skin that ranges from mottled grays to slick, unwholesome fish-belly white or blue. They are hairless, with long, pointed ears and feral, predatory faces. Although most are thin and wiry, some are bloated and obese.

Female Vampires are usually beautiful, with well proportioned and slender to voluptuous bodies. Their skin ranges from golden and light brown to ivory or pale blue tones. Their long, sleek tresses range from ebony to fiery reds.

All true Vampires are the remaining survivors of the Ancient vampiric civilization, they are unable to reproduce but many possess the knowledge of how to create vampiric servitors from captives, cadavers or flesh-vats.

They dwell in isolated vaults, strongholds, crypts or caverns, usually singly or in small groups, with minions to bring them captives to feed upon and attend to their whims. Most are accomplished Sorcerers, or less frequently Mind Wizards; although Vampire Assassins, Fighting-Men and even Sages have existed.


  1. Very neat imagery. I like my vampires to be creepy, Nosferatu like. Udo Kier's vampire in Blood for Dracula, an obscure, campy 70's film really hits the nail on teh head for me. The creature is frail and nervous, unsure of its future in a changing world and trying to grasp a hold of the past.

    I can see that way of thinking in some of these vampires.

  2. I was aiming for creepy, 70s, campy vibe, so thanks!