Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Phasic Weapons

Credit given to Hank Riley and Jim Ireland/Encounter Critical for the original Phasic Weaponry.

Phasic Weapons are artifacts of the Ancients. They look like metal rods, or varying length and girth, with emitter apertures located at one end. When a stud on the rod is depressed and slid a flickering blue energy blade emits from the apertures, a phasic field. When the handle of a Phasic weapon is released the stud is automatically slid back and the energy blade disappears.

The Phasic field "phases" through parallel dimensions, which enables it to partially phase through armor and also strike extradimensional beings. Phasic weapons are treated as +3 magical weapons regarding their effectiveness against certain foes, however they do double the normal dice in damage and us the below table to determine the effective armor class of the target. Phasic daggers, swords, axes, spears and polearms exist, although there are no bastard or two-handed varieties of phasic swords. They are powered by an energy crystal which will power a Phasic dagger for 100 melee rounds; a short sword, hand axe or spear for 75 rounds; and battle axe, polearm, scimitar or other one-handed sword for 50 rounds.

Armor Class
Attack Modifier or
Adjusted Armor Class value


  1. Great Addition!

    I clearly remember my Black Phraint character from '81 that wielded a phasic sword. He also had Power Armor borrowed from Booty and the Beasts. We really mixed it up back then ;)

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