Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Android Vaults

Manufactured by a lost race of the Ancients, there are said to be several Android Vaults buried in the crust of Planet Algol.

The Android Vaults are technological havens of shining glassteel, slick white plasticrete, tasteful ornamental fountains and foliage, smoothly gliding slidewalks and escalators, balconies, mezzanines, malls, galleries, arcades, crystal monoliths, abstract sculptures, light art, and attractive disembodied voices making proclamations from hidden speakers.

The inhabitants, the Vault Androids, look like slender, attractive, tanned yet fair-complexioned Earth Man caucasians of a distinctly "seventies" appearance with feathered hair and silver jumpsuits or vaguely athletic wear. They are manufactured, inorganic robots who appear to human unless injury reveals their metal innards.

The Android Vaults are sparsely populated by the Vault Androids, who engage in scientific research, artistic pursuits, reconnasince of the outside world, as well as frequent military training and patrols to protect the Android Vaults and to keep the vault's locations secret.

There is also a minority population of true humans, the Vault Men, who are identical in appearance to the Vault Androids. However as opposed to the Vault Androids, they live a life of pampered leisure, blunting the ennuni of their pointless existance with nonprocreative sex, synthetic intoxicants, all varieities of games, extravagent fashions, and artistic pursuits which seem clumsy and childish compared to the solemn majesty of the Vault Android art.

These Vault Men are the wards of the Vault Androids. When the civilization responsible for the Android Vaults fell some of the survivors fled to the vaults. In the high tech haven of the vaults the survivors were pampered by the facilities while the android wardens did all of the "heavy lifting," over the eons the Vault Men degenerated into the equivalent of an exhibit in a Earth museum or zoo.


  1. Enter the carousel. Now is the time for renewal.

  2. Hey this reminds me of a new blog I picked up today (I think I saw it linked on the Evil DM) it's called Space 1970. LOTS of great stuff there!

  3. Oh I like. But how many Hit Dice does Jenny Agutter have?

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