Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Jackal vs Big Baby, Two Excellent Random Tables and Some Great Monsters

Kal-Mor Meets The Vat-Man

"...a deformed head like an unwholesome parody of a human baby, the features tiny and clustered around the center of the vast idiot face..."

Illustration by Lester/B. Portly

Vat-Man stats available Here courtesy of the Dungeon Master of the World of Athanor. However, I believe they originated in Thool.


Random Pulpy Planetary Romance Plot Generation Tables courtesy of Athanor.


Random Sword & Sorcery Drug Generation Tables courtesy of Yoon-Suin.

Both of the above were cut & pasted into my own supplemental referee manual.

Weird Fantasy Monsters and Martian Monsters from Beyond the Black Gate, the Grey Gulper and the Grook are my favorites.


  1. Yes, my Vat Men definitely were a mutation of some stuff from Thool, and I'm glad to see them making an appearance somewhere else.

  2. I'm very grateful the mutation occurred as the original Vat-Man statistics seems to have evaporated into the aether along with the original Byarzoth and the Pnomak.

  3. That's a beauty Lester! Holy crap!

    PS I forgot to invite you to come play in my Wilderlands game every other Sunday.

  4. I would love to adventure through the Wilderlands of High Fantasy. I know very little of the setting - just enough to know that I would probably enjoy it.
    At this time I'm stretched a bit thin between games (I also play with a boardgame crew) and "real life".
    Please consider this a "raincheck" for future adventures and thanks for the invite Sean!

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