Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today's Session: Total Freaking Bloodbath

Hobab the NPC Scapegoat/Guide Lhoyg Man - Clawed to death by albino bird-men.

Kal-Mor the White Jackal, Hyperborean Assassin - Retreated in the darkness of a cave to escape the vat-men, was torn apart in the pitch black by albino bird-men.

Kalervo the Cactoid - Had his head split by the magic axe of a vat-man, was resurrected by the Eye of Restoring Life.

Monster Monagin Earth Man Fightin' Sailor - slain by a vat-man.

Corporal Radar O'Reiley Earth Man Rocket Soldier - cut down by vat-men, bled to death.

Buzz Brazelhach Australian Adventurer and Captain of the Party - Hewn down by vat-men after having his hair burned off by a stray laser blast.

Vrroomish the NPC Dandy Adventurer Tikalg Man - Run through by a vat-man before another stove in his head with a magic axe while making a gallant last stand so the party could escape.
The remaining party members are now hunkered down in the safety of Jakay, looking for more muscle and plotting the recovery of their dead companions remains, wealth and magic items from tunnels dug into a cliff of pastel chalk in the Bornite Mountains...


  1. Impressive! If a character dies, it means he had it comin'.

  2. Kalervo, Monster, Radar and Buzz died doing a bully job of holding the battle lines; their sin wasn't concentrating attacks on one regenerating vat-man at a time. Due to being a cactus-man, Kalervo's body wasn't dragged into the bird-man tunnels and the survivors were able to resurrect him.

    Kal-Mor died for taking off alone into an unexplored tunnel without a light source. He also died for taking off alone into an unexplored tunnel.

    Hobab the NPC was the subject of much thinly veiled hostility from some party members due to his failure to lead them to the crashed sauce so he may have been living on borrowed time.

    Vrroomish the NPC was swayed by the death of Buzz to make a gallant last stand. However, he is a calculating sort who is aware that the party has an Eye of Restoring Life, so it may have been in his best interest to ensure that it's bearer escaped the vat-men.

  3. Also, the vat-men may have been created to serve as guardians for the subterranean Serpent Man laboratories that Xarnagan Vrokk looted in the previous session and may have been compelled to recover the stolen artifacts.

  4. Subterranean albino bird-men? What, are you bringing in some variant of dire corbies from the Fiend Folio?

    And multiple Vat Men? As far as I'm concerned, that's enough of a sign to run unless you can unleash a lot of hell very quickly....

  5. @Doug: After the inititial stocking of the hex map, I went over it again with the Fiend Folio in hand and you are correct.

    The crab men of the slime lands look the Fallout 3's Mirelurks, but they're the FF folio crabmen, right down to the carrying off of human women...

    Re. the vat-men, the situation was complicated by the entirely random possession of a magic battle axe by the one with more hit points. Still, the players need to read more Sun Tzu! It broke my heart seeing beloved PC after PC fall while the party is neglecting to concentrate their fire, never mind that they were battling the vat-men on a 20' wide cliff-ledge...