Monday, November 9, 2009

Mounts and Pack Animals of Planet Algol Pt.1

Nguamodon - Horse-sized iguanodons, semi-bipedal, can go two weeks without food or water.

Ornith - Quadrupedal horse-sized "bird horses" with four clawed feet and a parrot-like head.

Pack scarab - Man-sized clumsy, bumbling scarabs. Stupid but fearless, eats offal, carrion, feces and filth.

Swordbeak - Larger, feather-less vicious cousins to the orniths with a long vulture-like neck and a curved sharp sword-like beak.

War lizard - Bipedal dinosaurs, the light varieties are similar to sturdy, scaled deinonchynus while the heavy varieties resemble smaller ceratosaurus. The warhorses of Planet Algol. They must regularly gorge on meat.

Zorse - A true, viable species on Planet Algol, as opposed to the Horse-Zebra hybrids of the same name and apperance of our Earth


  1. your appropriation of a seemingly arbitrary mixture of fantastic and exotic-but-terrestrial creatures morphed into the capacity of pack-animals and herd-beasts reminds me strongly of Greg Stafford

    i mean that as a whole-hearted compliment