Saturday, November 7, 2009

"This is the story of a gang of insanely greedy, stupid, merciless cowards trying to bullshit their way to a wholly undeserved victory. .."

A nice little essay about gaming, NPCs, and so forth that encapsulates much of my own opinions regarding D&D, "In praise of poor roleplaying."
"...We generally resort to playing in-character when the situation turns especially farcical: either we’re trying to bullshit someone into giving us some fleeting advantage, or we’re bemoaning how suspicious everyone has become. In other words, we’re in the game to make mischief in a fictional world and keep each other entertained...."


  1. Glad you liked the post - perhaps no surprise given your Vance quote-generator, many of which will no doubt relate to cupidity and poltroonery! I'll point James over here - he's also a World of Thoon fan, so he might dig the lead on where to find its old blog-content. I, myself, am inspired to rip off your moons for my own campaign... - Tavis

  2. Rip away, that's what they're there for! Thanks for checking it our.

  3. I read my way up to here, through the last few posts (stopping to listen to the music) then arrived here.

    This blog is so wild that it makes me want to run an ultra-gonzo Mutant Future game inspired by Heavy Metal magazine, 70's and 80's music-well, with a little 90's thrown in-AiC, GWAR, Soundgarden, etc. I need to talk the group into letting Labyrinth Lord lie still for a few weeks and indulge me.

    Your game stories and reports are superb.

  4. Why did I hear the title of this post set to the opening theme of the Brady Bunch?