Saturday, November 14, 2009

Post 100: d24 Earth Man on Planet Algol Origin Table

Although the majority of Earth Men on Planet Algol are there as a result of being a member of the crew of a rocket-ship expedition to Beta Persei, some are there as a result of preternatural means. These Earth Men are from any time period on Earth, up to the early 22nd century. Others are from different Earths located in parallel universes.

The below table assumes the use of a 24-sided die, if you do not possess one I suggest rolling a d12 and any other non-d12 die. If the non-d12 die has an odd result, such as 1 or 3, add 12 to the result of the d12.

01 Archaeological accident
02 Disappeared at Hanging Rock, Australia
03 Is dreaming
04 Is experiencing an out of body experience
05 Is in a drugged stupor
06 Unintentional consequence of occult experiment
07 Unintentional consequence of scientific experiment
08 Unwilling subject of occult experiment
09 Unwilling subject of scientific experiment
10 Willing subject of occult experiment
11 Willing subject of scientific experiment
12 Was abducted by aliens
13 Was abducted by deros
14 Was cursed by a mystic
15 Was deceased and and bodily reincarnated on Planet Algol
16 Was in Stonehenge at the wrong solstice
17 Was in a tornado
18 Was in polar expedition seeking the hollow earth
19 Was lost in a subterranean labyrinth
20 Was passenger, crew or pilot of an aircraft that flew into strange clouds
21 Was passenger, crew or pilot of vessel that sailed into the Bermuda Triangle
22 Was separated from tour group in the pyramids
23 Was shipwrecked
24 Was struck on head or seriously injured and is in a coma


  1. YES! Wonderful. Simply Wonderful. My personal favorite: Was separated from tour group in the pyramids.


  2. Yes, in a similar vein. I applaud your choice as well.

  3. My fave is #13 - Richard Shaver visited Algol!

  4. Just hit me now like a gnoll's mace to the face: Congrats on 100!

  5. I've been thinking about this a bit and looking at #3 leads me to ask a couple of questions:
    1. Are players compelled to roll on the table- or are they allowed to choose?
    2. If they can choose, could a player conceivably select #3 multiple times (after the inevitable pc death) and say his new pc is the same dude as the old (now dead) pc in a different dream. Because that would be kind of neato.

  6. @Aos: Re # 1 Players are allowed to chose their origin. Usually the Earth Man character origin emerges organically in the sessions during stoned digressions. This table is just a optional piece of fun.

    Regarding question #2, in my game I would say no and that the dreamer on Earth would die as well. It would be a cool meta-game concept similar to the protagonist of Lin Carter's Green Star series, but my own campaign has some "safety protocols are disabled/no rule exploits" meta-philosophies driving the engine.