Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sky Vessels of Planet Algol

I've known from the campaign's inception that Planet Algol has to incorporate flying vessels, from rocketships and flying saucers to dirigibles and sky-boats.

I'm really enthusiastic about the one-page Sailing the Skies of Mars rules by Sean Willis, as they are simple and utilize the familiar mechanics of Armor Class, Hit Points and so forth, although that naval combat rules from Expert Dungeons & Dragons are simple as well and have an illustrious pedigree.

Sailing the Skies of Mars divides skyships into 4 different categories, based on passenger capacity, from the 1-2 person fliers to 50 person galleons, from which armor class, movement rate and potential weaponry determined by size (hull class?). Elegant and simple, and an easy way to categorize that various concepts I have regarding Planet Algol sky vessels:
Ornithopter (1-2 person flier): A homage to Dune and Hawkmoon, they resemble insectile winged helicopters designed by a Martian Leonardo Da Vinci. There are one and two-seater varieties, and they have limited cargo capacity. The pulp adventurer biplane of Planet Algol.

Sky Chariot (4 person skiff): These generally resemble an Atlantean version of the Star Wars Landspeeder although bird sculpture and miniature flying saucer (with a bubble canopy) versions exist. Planet Algol's flying cars.

Skyship (10 person barge): Resembling a cross between a rocketship and a dirigible, with an open deck on the top, generally silvery, needle-nosed and bearing tail-fins. The yachts of Planet Algol's skies.

Contragravity Barge (50 person galleon): Encompassing vessels ranging from those similar to Jabba sail barge from Return of the Jedi to Stargate-esque flying pyramids (although I prefer ziggurats...).

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