Monday, November 30, 2009

Planet Algol Race/Class - The Lilim


Intelligence 10, Dexterity 10, Charisma 15, female gender, must be of non-lawful alignment.

The Lilim are a synthetic race created as pleasure-slaves by an extinct race of Ancients. As they were sorcerously engineered to stimulate the jaded appetites of a advanced, decadent race, some have very striking appearances. Lilim have the entire range of coloration and texture of their bodily features available to the Human race, both Earth Men and Algol Man. One Lilim could appear to be an ordinary Earth Woman; another could be hairless, with with garishly patterned scaled skin and bushy silver hair.

The Lilim have the abilities of the Houri class (see White Dwarf issue #13), although Lilim with a Strength of 15 may be multiclass Fighting-Women/Houri and Houri with a Dexterity of 15 may be Thief/Houri multiclass. One important difference from the Houri as originally presented is that they are not limited to the dagger, although they may not use their Houri abilities in any armor.

Lilim reproduce parthenogenically, by means of laying a large egg. The appearance of the egg varies wildly, dependent upon the coloration and so forth of the young Lilim it contains. It takes several years for a Lilim egg to hatch, and the eggs are tough and fairly temperature resistant. When it egg hatches it disgorges a tiny version of a full-grown Lilim. The smaller form of the Lilim are called Ymplins; they grow and mature at a far more rapid rate than Humans.

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