Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stefan Poag - Pure Class!

I've made no secret of my admiration for Stefan Poag; I love his lurid artwork; I love Mines of Khunmar; I love his unabashed enthusiasm for gruesome, perverse and scatological subject matter; I love how he's kind of a dick (with a heart of gold) on his blog; I love Exquisite Corpses.

Anyways, when he first released Exquisite Corpses I immediately snagged the (temporarily) free PDF; my gaming group had a hardcopy as well. I had always meant to buy the print version, but like a chump there was always something else sucking up my $$.

Today I finally manned-up and bought a print copy from Lulu; afterwards I found the following message in my inbox:
"Thank you for your order. Your support is appreciated.
Sure it's an automated message, but it's appreciated and is a testament to Stefan's character.

This beer and this bong rip are a toast to Stefan Poag, one of the finest gentlemen of the OSR!



  2. I have a hard copy as well. It rocks.
    The bong rip will have to wait until tomorrow though.

  3. I'm very flattered at the compliments. Thanks to you (and the blog-o-sphere in general).

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