Monday, February 28, 2011

d10 Random Hirelings Table

1 - Guide/tracker/hunter with a kukri-shortsword and bullwhip; full of attitude and one-liners.
2 - Tall, skinny, middle-aged bearer with a glum, drooping visage and persona; always chewing tobacco but never seems to spit.
3 - Brash, overbearing Sergeant with a mane of hair and an impressive mustache; bears a fancy saber; was an officer in a unit of lancers but resigned in disgrace. His shirts will tend to rip dramatically.
4 - Barefoot animal handler (mule, donkey, llama, pack horse, cart ox, monkey & dog); constantly plays simple tunes on a hand-carved wooden flute.
5 - Sailor/pilot/navigator, is always squinting, swears far too much; carries a morningstar made from a table-leg and nails.
6 - Water-finder ("Dowser") and forager; wears a wide brimmed, floppy, filthy,blackened, ancient, felt hat; hums tunelessly while engaged with duties.
7 - Towering (7'+) guard, dimwitted former athletics champion (discus,beam pitch, scrimmage and wrestling).
8 - Rowers/bearer/laborer with terrible teeth and is wiry instead of muscular; is a former petty criminal, has many sketchy connections and is always keen to offer unsolicited unscrupulous solutions to party dilemmas.
9 - A husky wrecker carrying a golf-bag like leathern container holding sledges, pickaxes, prybars, mallets, chisels, and the like. has enough knowledge of engineering and architecture (was a student before running out of money) to avoid bringing the roof down on the party while performing demolitions.
10 - Cook and provisioner with a sinister raspy voice that is always wearing a face-concealing hood; was disfigured in a fire; has a keen eye and nose for poisons and will attempt to subtly inspect fare that is offered to the party.


  1. D12! These need to be D12 tables!! :)

  2. I'm Canadian, so I'm inclined to keep it metric ;)

  3. I'm Australian, and metric never stopped me :)