Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sarkhang - The Master of Unclean Spirits; The Arkhekarcirst

The patron of Black Sorcery; Mental Control and Domination; Karcists; The Binding of Demons and Unclean Spirits; and those that practice acts of inmaterial projection in the Abyssal Realms, Sarkhang is invariably depicted as man-like figure, robed and hooded in rich, dark fabrics, wearing a skull-like metal mask and with one arm bare aside for wrappings, all the way from the shoulder down to the tips of the fingers, of metal foil bandages and bearing a wavy, double-edged, slender long knife or short sword. Conflicting legends abound about The Master of Unclean Spirits; some speak of him as having originally been one of the Lords of Light in aeons long past who was corrupted by the Lords of Change and performed a foul betrayal; others claim that Sarkhang was born of the Abyss and infiltrated the Lords of Light disguised as a foreign savant-deity before performing misdeeds. In both varieties, Sarkhang is captured by the Lawful Deities he betrays, who "shattered" him before scattering his "pieces" across the physical layers of the universe. Some tales claim that Sarkhang was horribly disfigured as a punishment for his crimes against the Lords of Light and thereby wears his mask to conceal his mutilation; others claim that the mask is a means of occulting the mind-blasting horror of Sakhang's true visage.

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  1. I for one welcome Sarkhang! To my gaming table for the mental domination of my players & npcs! Thanks Blair keep up the good works man!