Sunday, February 27, 2011

d10 Random Mercenary Table

1 - 4d6 unarmored pygmy short-bow archers mounted upon muscular blind & deaf slaves; these mounts are directed by their riders via the agency of a variety of leg- and toe- clutches.
2 - 3d4 veiled, shirtless death-fanatics armed with poisoned scimitars and spiked shields.
3 - 4d6 stodgy, grumbling heavy footmen in mail hauberks and iron helms, armed with spears, maces and round-shields.
4 - 2d4 athletic, dashing charioteer-lancers clad in brass-scaled cuirass and lion-helms, with attendant squire-drivers.
5 - 3d6 sneering, fearless tribal nomad pony skirmishers, armed with javelins, lances and sword-knives; clad in studded furs and hides.
6 - 2d8 unemployed toughs and labourers armed with cudgels and hatchets.
7 - 3d4 towering barbarian maul-wielders clad in banded mail and full helms, also carries javelins and short-swords; trained in breaking enemy-formations.
8 - 6d4 pikemen in colorful quilted silk armor, secondary weapons are a mixture of war-hammers, shortswords, light maces and hand axes.
9 - 4d4 hard-bitten halabardiers in black-enameled scale mail and helms; also carry kite shields and broad swords.
10 - 6d6 adolescent spear-men from the hill clans, full of bravado yet inexperienced; also carrying round shields, javelins and axes or short swords.


  1. Blair quit giving me such great stuff that I can apply to my science fantasy campaign. My printer may have a nervous break down. Man you just keep cranking out the hits. Just keep cranking them out until I have that Algol pdf or magazine of yours! Best regards,Eric

  2. #1 reminded me of The Adventures of Cholly and Flytrap.

  3. @Anonymous: ALGOL pdf? I'm waiting it out for the signed box set with the phosphorescent Algol dice and vintage Hawkwind ticket stubs.

  4. Phosphorecent? That shit wears out. Blair got actual radioactive dice made, I saw them! They will glow in the dark for a million years!!

  5. I love this beyond words (not counting the words I just used to say that I loved it beyond words ... or the words I used to ... oh crap).

  6. Great little table !

  7. Thanks guys!

    @ Biopunk: My inspiration was from The Citadel of the Autarch by Gene Wolfe, but who can tell where the idea came from originally? Who can tell indeed...