Wednesday, February 9, 2011


...the lack of Gugs is nearly as unforgivable as the lack of Ghoul PCs...
ARMOR CLASS 2[17], 6[13] vs Ghouls
MOVE 150' (50')
% IN LAIR 25%
ATTACKS 4 claws (1-6/1-6/1-6/1-6) and bite (1-10)
SPECIAL Rending; -4 on attacks vs Ghouls
SAVE Fighter 10[5]
MORALE 10, 4 vs Ghouls
ALIGNMENT Chaotic evil
SIZE L (20'+ tall)
If a gug strikes a single opponent with two or more of its claws, it deals addition damage dependent upon the number of successful claw attacks, 1-8 for two, 2-16 for three, and 3-24 if all four strike.


  1. Finally, someone draws a gug with the double junk.

  2. And the Ghoul Race and Race as Class is here!

  3. Double junk can barely describe it! :-)

  4. Anyone have any tasty gugjunk stew recipes?

  5. If I remember correctly, you have to boil them in Volerum, and then allow them to simmer in a 3:1 mixture of Exploding Cat blood and Green Slime killed by wine. Allow to set and serve on toast with a side of whipped Ocher Jelly.

  6. I doubt the accuracy of your depiction of Gugjunk. Clearly it should have a single shaft that splits into two Gugpenises. This appendage is capable of D3 damage.

    What is going on in my life that I can type that sentence without blinking?

    This is f'ing awesome, Blair!

  7. So when will we see stats for the Gug's +3 double cod-piece of eldritch bifurcation?

  8. IT'S A BIFURCATED OVIPOSITOR YOU PERVERTED FREAKS!! Godammit...are you guys obsessed with wangs or something? ;P

  9. Is that an original Blair?

    If so I gotta say that your drawing gets better and better.


  10. My friend's dad is a gug!!! cool!!

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