Friday, February 19, 2010

So What's Going On With The Planet Algol Booklet Anyways?

I know I let loose with a bunch of balloon juice a while back about the upcoming Planet Algol 1 The Iridium Plateau booklet and come mid-February 2010 and there's no word of sign of it. So what's going on?

I could pretty much publish this thing right now. But I'm holding back in order for it to be as awesome and useful as possible.

Several very talented artists have graciously contributed to this project and I honestly believe that the artwork as a whole will be varied and pleasing. Some of the artists have some ideas that they want to work on and I'm cool with holding off in order to accommodate these genteel artistes and furthermore present the best illustrated booklet I can.

On to utility. One of my design goals is to make this booklet be something I will use as a reference while running a Planet Algol game. This means including all of the funky house rules I use; all the reference information for the players in my game; the sorts of random tables that I use; encounter tables; and so forth. Stuff I need handy when running my game.

One thing that I want to do in order to enhance utility is to include several lairs/mini-dungeons. Although there are several hexcrawl sandbox settings and resources available I don't know of any that include a plethora of somewhat detailed dungeons, ruins, caves and the like. I believe that Necromancer Games Wilderlands box set was to include the like at one point?

So in conclusion, the Planet Algol booklet is coming out and will be coming out "soon" but in the meantime awesome artwork is being produced; I'm improving the hex descriptions; random tables are being compiled; and mini-dungeons are being imaginated. All in order for it to be as awesome and useful as I can make it without taking forever, although a large proportion of the awesome will be due to the great artists involved.

And it might include a detailed city with associated dungeon and mini-dungeons.