Monday, February 15, 2010

100 NPC(s) Table

EDIT: I feel terrible that I forgot to credit Zak Smith's "Hidden Traits of NPCs..." table as being a major influence on this table. #99 is my favorite and I can think of some real life humans that could describe...

Why have a table with 20 NPCs when I could have 100 instead...

01- A psychic beast-tamer with a magic crystal scimitar.
02- A Lizardman gladiator and former slave that won it's freedom in a legendary competition hundreds of years ago.
03- Twin oracles, hairless in simple robes. One of the twins is blind.
04- Intoxicant addicted thief who will befriend and than murder travelers.
05- Brutal nomad warlord with a retinue of fanatic bodyguards.
06- Blind psychic warriors skilled in unarmed combat and deception.
07- Robed cultists who's garments conceal inhuman body parts.
08- Wandering trader with a robotic mount and a supply of Earth Man ammunition for sale.
09- Princess who lives a secret double life as a masked duelist.
10- Youthful sorcerer's apprentice who believes their master to be possessed or corrupt.
11- Grizzled master thief who seeks a worthy challenge.
12- Elderly scarred mercenary with a ruthless past who seeks redemption.
13- Cynical smuggler and bandit who secretly has a heart of gold.
14- Inscrutable alien being that claims to be on a mission for the benefit of humanity.
15- Band of youthful mercenaries eager to make a reputation.
16- Band of young Armigers with an internal struggle between the callous and the good-matured.
17- Experienced elderly slave-master that delights in performing tricks with his whip.
18- Master perfumer who is secretly a master poison brewer.
19- Puppeteer who secretly uses sorcery to animate his puppets for nefarious purposes.
20- Gregarious and likable necromancer.
21- Shapechanging advanced Shoggoth seeking pawns for it's unimaginable plans.
22- Disguised Mi-Go scientist seeking test subjects.
23- Mutant warlord that seeks the means to free his enslaved tribe.
24- Mercenary Guild Syndic seeking a new beginning.
25- Disguised Hierophant on a secret mission of a highly personal nature.
26- Hierarch on a secret mission who is being hounded by assassins.
27- Guild Syndic and entourage on a diplomatic mission.
28- World-weary caravan master who thinks he has seen it all.
29- Physician who desires to perform unwholesome experiments.
30- Vat Guilder behaving inscruitably.
31- Sentient telepathic beast.
32- Animate statue.
33- Gravely injured Armiger of an especially honorable nature who is on a convalescent sabbatical.
34- Conniving Oligarch with a soft spot for underdogs.
35- Fast-talking trader who knows far more than he lets on.
36- The diguised slumming scion of a powerful noble that is looking to get into trouble.
37- Intoxicated bravos with a chip on their shoulders.
38- Smug bravo that moves with a master fencer's grace.
39- Beast hunter seeking powerful weapons.
40- Blasphemous sorcerer seeking to translate moldy stone tablets.
41- The chieftain of a tribe of reclusive pygmies.
42- Experienced bravo who is a master knife thrower.
43- Oligarch Patriarch borne by slaves.
44- Arrogant sneering Baron that is actually a disguised vagabond.
45- Archaeologist and apprentices.
46- Scholar that poo-poo's danger and seeks material for a treatise.
47- Dashing noble haunted by terrible nightmares.
48- Elderly sage that was once highly respected but is now senile with occasional moments of lucidity.
49- Disguised alien being that can shoot death-rays from it's eyes.
50- Shaggy hominid of an unknown species that is incoherent but companionable.
51- Debonair foreign aristocrats with hooves instead of feet.
52- Savage barbarian mercenaries who despise black magic.
53- Eccentric wasteland scavenger with many wry tales.
54- Noblewoman that is actually a disguised member of a secret society of assassin-witches.
55- Rude freemen and his herd of beasts.
56- Caravan guard looking for a different sort of adventure.
57- Fawning sycophant that is actually an insane murderer.
58- Stuffy Oligarch Matriarch that secretly desires rugged adventurer types.
59- Jealous suitor that perceives one of the party to be a romantic rival.
60- Simple-minded youth that latches on to and attempts to follow the party.
61- Fencing master who is eager to take on the challenge of a hopeless pupil.
62- Nubile sorcereress with a hideous mount.
63- Brooding Armiger that is intolerant of nonhumans.
64- Wandering trader of pipes and hookahs that loves to gossip.
65- Desperate Hierarch who lost a sheaf of important documents.
66- Arrogant bureaucrat with powerful criminal connections.
67- Astrologer who seeks to climb mountains for a better view of the stars.
68- Potion mixer with an unsavory reputation.
69- Tomb robber that seeks to have a sinister parasite removed.
70- Earth Man adventurer who is being pursued by villains.
71- Retired Technocrat that loves to tinker.
72- Madman clad in filthy rags that claims to be an envoy of the Emerald Autarch.
73- Elderly Freewoman that can perform amazing feats of mind over matter.
74- A band of cautious youths on a mission for their clan.
75- Whimsical musician who plays on instruments crafted from human bone.
76- Mysterious taciturn gunslinger.
77- Spoiled noble heir that has deluded himself into believing that he has mental powers.
78- Elderly trader that claims that the tonics he sells have restorative and anti-radiation properties.
79- Three sword-maidens that appear to be furious.
80- Confused soldier with a bandaged head wound and a jeweled sword.
81- Jaded gladiator who murders for gold
82- Band of musicians one of whom is secretly a jewel thief.
83- Sorcerer possessed by multiple spirits who compel him to drink human blood.
84- Secret order of warriors and mystics defending an ancient relic.
85- Savages with women for sale.
86- Enchanter of luck-amulets prone to cutting insults.
87- Self-important master tactician and strategist.
88- Child possessed by a legendary sage's spirit, will know many uncanny facts.
89- Young man seeking vengeance against the sorcerer who slew his bride with magic.
90- Crippled son of a Baron, outcast due to his deformity.
91- Wandering bodiless spirit that seeks to drive men mad.
92- Casually cruel and vain armiger bravo.
93- Blind prophet who wanders the wastelands.
94- Likable rogue with dim-witted guards.
95- Rich merchant couple, husband unaware wife is actually a disguised Serpent-Man.
96- Dancing girl being hounded by a blackmailer.
97- Psychic Assassin who seeks to collect a massive fee for slaying a difficult target.
98- Baron seeking to overthrow the local rulers and seize their throne.
99- A master of disguise and deception.
100- Beautiful artist telepathically bonded to a savage warrior .


  1. You're a machine!

    Hey, when are you going to publish everything again?

  2. 13 and 50 work together as partners, right?

    25--is the Hierophant confused, as well?

  3. You're a machine! I was just thinking that. Seriously man, where do you find the time? I have 3 blogs and can barely hold the rails sometimes!!

    /oh, and yoink!

  4. this is great!! thanks for posting :)

  5. Thanks everyone! I'll probably come up with another at some point.

  6. This is definitely the most specific random NPC generator I have ever seen.

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